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Problem: Answer: A document’s formatting is out of control and you just cannot figure out what is going on. ways to clean up the styles in your document Suggestion 1: Reset the paragraph formatting to Normal Depending on the extent of the problem there are various 1. Click in a the paragraph that contains the format to reset 2. Click the Clear Formatting button on the Home Ribbon all previous formatting has been removed. The text now takes on the attributes of the default style in the document you have pasted in to. The text will be pasted into the document as plain text, meaning Please look for Part II of this article will run in our October/November issue. 3. Or use the Keyboard command Press Ctrl+Shift+N (make Suggestion 2: Remove direct character formatting 1. Select the text that you want to reformat 2. Press Ctrl+Spacebar graph style. sure your cursor is in the paragraph that contains the format you want to reset) About the author: Randall Farrar is the president and co-founder of Temecula, CA-based Esquire Innovations, Inc. (www.esqinc.com), a software company that develops Microsoft Office integrated applications for the legal market. Esquire’s products include iScrub 7, a metadata management application for Microsoft Office used by over 450 law firms and corporations; iCreate 7, its popular document production and formatting software; iRedline 7 EP3, enhanced Word document comparison; and iDocID 5, software for adding a document ID to a Word or Excel document. Together, the four products are available as the combined package iOffice 7. He can be reached at Randall.farrar@esqinc.com. Suggestion 3: Reset the paragraph formatting 2. Press Ctrl+Q set (triple click in the paragraph) This resets the font to the font format in the underlying para1. Select the paragraph that contains the format you want to re- graph formatting to the underlying paragraph style. Suggestion 4: Use Paste Special. For documents that still continue text in the document, open a new blank document or firm template and use Paste Special to copy. document where you want to place the copied text. the Paste Special dialog box. This removes direct paragraph formatting and resets the para- to have formatting issues it is sometimes better to just copy all of the 2. Navigate to your new document and place the cursor in the row on the Paste button. 1. Select the text you want to copy (Ctrl + A) and press Ctrl + C 3. On the home tab|Clipboard group click on the drop down ar4. Select Paste Special and select Paste as Unformatted Text in LEGAL | CORPORATE | ATTORNEY | TECHNICAL Why not work with the best? we do! If you are looking for the best legal talent in California, call Davidson Legal Staffing today! (888) 788-2828 www.DavidsonStaffing.com 40 Greater Los Angeles Leadership Exchange http://www.esqinc.com http://www.servicesbycbm.com http://www.DavidsonStaffing.com

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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011
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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011