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ESP Legal Technology Professionals ESP Legal Technology Professionals CIOs/IT Directors CIOs/IT Directors CIOs/IT Directors IT Managers IT Managers IT Managers System Administrators System Administrators System Administrators Network Engineers Network Engineers Network Engineers Help Desk Analysts Help Desk Analysts Help Desk Analysts Desktop/PC Support Desktop/PC Support Desktop/PC Support Web Developers Web Developers Web Developers Knowledge Managers Knowledge Managers Knowledge Managers eDiscovery Analysts eDiscovery Analysts eDiscovery Analysts Trainers Trainers Trainers Support Litigation Support Litigation Support Litigation Telecom Specialists Telecom Specialists Telecom Specialists Placing People First Placing People First Project Managers Project Managers Project Managers Applications Support Applications Support Applications Support Analysts Analysts Analysts Programmers Programmers Programmers Matching top legal technology talent Matching top legal technology talent Matching top legal technology talent with the best law firm opportunities in with the best law firm opportunities in with the best law firm opportunities in direct hire, contract and contract-to-hire. direct hire, contract and contract-to-hire. direct hire, contract and contract-to-hire. www.esp-ca.com www.esp-ca.com 888-778-0007 888-778-0007 888-778-0007 6 Things We Do Better Than Our Competition We answer the phone. Sure that sounds simple enough, but how many times have you been desparate and needed your network fixed right away? And then it happens...“Please press # to choose from the directory.” It’s nice to hear a live voice, isn’t it? With us, you’ll always get a live, friendly voice. it done. We take it a step further than others by doing the “extras” and by continuing on with you as your IT partner. We take care of you above and beyond. We don’t standardize you or box up your services and call Honesty. Yes, it is the best policy, but not for a lot of IT companies out there. It starts at the top of our company and flows throughout. No matter what the situation, we will make straightforward and honest recommendations. We want to help YOU succeed and save money. Computers are an essential part of any firm and should help the bottom line, not hurt it. We’re committed to providing our clients with a trouble-free network utilizing smart technologies, while keeping IT costs under control. 24x7x365 monitoring with updates every 15 minutes instead of once a day. Most other IT support providers reactively deliver help after there is a problem. We proactively identify potential issues and resolve them before you experience any downtime. We know legal. The legal industry is unique and has specific IT needs. We understand that and have focused our services in your field since 1974. Our highly experienced and friendly staff works with you to implement proven technologies that are reliable, secure and cost-effective. (800) 421-7151 • www.wamsinc.com August / September 2011 43 http://www.esp-ca.com http://www.wamsinc.com

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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011
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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011