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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Jean Jewell, CLM JJewell@KelleyDrye.com 310-712-6167 “SCHOOL’S OUT” - ALICE COOPER Little Rascals comedy, “School’s out, Spanky,” inspired him to write his rock song over 40 years after the movie was made. The message to Spanky was to pay attention and wise up. This was a message that Alice Cooper picked up, repackaged and made relevant for a new time. years after that big hit, we can watch Alice Cooper performing that hit time. single with the Muppets on YouTube. Now that speaks to the evolution rock song hit. It was also the first big hit for Alice Cooper. And now, 40 matter how fleeting, when school let out for a break of any length of GLA ALA Board, Section Chairs, Programs and Hospitality are holding our personal development and what information we could bring back places to work, and more able to thrive in our changing economy. on the chapter level. Alice Cooper mentioned in an interview that the phrase from The thought, well over a century ago: FOUR SHARPENING THE AXE.” It was interesting to me that Abraham Lincoln shared a very similar “GIVE ME SIX HOURS TO CHOP DOWN A TREE AND I WILL SPEND THE FIRST A tiny message embedded in a black and white 1930’s movie became a of entertainment, and to those sweet memories of total freedom, no educational opportunities abound within the GLA ALA Chapter. The Even though it is summer and school is still out for a little while, – a time everyone could relate to using a dull hatchet as opposed to a only less efficient and more tiring, but also more dangerous. During tangible way. Few of us today, with the exception of Maureen Varnes, chain. relevant: sharp one. A time when using a dull hatchet made the work at hand not Lincoln’s time, this is a quotation that would have touched people in a CLM, have actually ever used a chainsaw or sharpened a chainsaw’s Maybe more of us would find the following quotation more Abraham Lincoln’s quotation speaks to a much more practical time amazing sessions to help us learn new skills, keep current and evolve to our firms to help them become more profitable, more collaborative in our careers. Recently, many of us were fortunate enough to attend the Annual Conference in Orlando. There, we took time to focus on Many of us bring back ideas from these conferences to implement Stay tuned this summer for great section “TAKE TIME TO RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES. IT’S HARD TO SEE WHERE YOU’RE GOING WHEN YOUR LIGHTS ARE DIM.” - ROBERT H. CONNELLY And batteries are so bad for our environment. So maybe a more upto-date metaphor would be to update our programming and to release the route with less instant gratification, but a route that will lead to completing our goals faster, with greater enjoyment and with less risk of damaging ourselves and our accomplishment thus far. updated 2.0 versions of ourselves. Versions of ourselves that will take But then, batteries are so last year. Just like the phrase so last year. meetings on the pertinent topics of office operations, finance, and developing a document retention plan. A formal CLM study session is also about to begin. This series of classes will serve to prepare CLM covered at these meetings is not specific to CLM candidates, however; connections by attending these classes. EFFECTIVE PEOPLE any administrator will gain new insights, develop skills and make new “SHARPEN THE SAW” – STEPHEN R. COVEY’S 7TH HABIT OF HIGHLY candidates for the CLM exam on September 15, 2011. The information upgrade, update, evolve, sharpen and/or recharge your professional as we all recreate, renew and refresh, we should also remember to Garland said: version of someone else. celebrate the importance our individuality and diversity. As Judy development, GLA ALA’s mission is to assist you in that process. And Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate Please contact me or any other Board member with your No matter what metaphor speaks to you or how you choose to most precious asset, ourselves. This philosophy furthered the notion that we need time away from work to rejuvenate, recreate and refresh! Many consider attending educational and networking events a great calendar to see what is available, so that we can help you sharpen your saw. Stephen Covey encouraged us all to live in balance and honor our way to sharpen the saw. GLA ALA encourages you to check our online suggestions, ideas and feedback. We all look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our next event! Jean Jewell, CLM GLA ALA President 6 Greater Los Angeles Leadership Exchange EGASSEM S’TNEDISERP

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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011
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Leadership Exchange - August/September 2011