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GENERAL MANAGEMENT “GREEN”IDEAS q Understand your firm’s carbon footprint DEVELOPING A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM q Participate in the ABA Law Office Climate Challenge (www.abanet.org/environ/climatechallenge/overview.shtml) q Form a “sustainability committee” q Adopt and post your sustainability policy and roll out a firmwide announcement q Use contests to solicit ideas from employees on ways to increase recycling and reduce paper usage q Communicate your efforts, progress & cost savings internally - use your intranet or create an on-line newsletter. q Educate employees on energy savings opportunities at home q Reduce the amount of paper used GETTING YOUR PAPER UNDER CONTROL Eliminate internal memos Use an entire legal pad and don’t file remnants Reuse file folders, expandable files and notebooks Encourage onscreen editing of documents Electronically transmit and file documents Set double-sided copying as standard in copiers and printers Use a product such as Greenprint to eliminate blank pages from documents before printing Don’t print accounting reports – send and review via computer Order supplies via phone or Internet Route faxes electronically; use e-communications in lieu of paper documents Narrow margins on documents to conserve paper, unless prohibited by courts or agencies q Use filing products with high post-consumer waste content q Use recycled paper products for plates, napkins, paper towels & toilet paper q Eliminate plastic eating utensils - use flatware or corn starch biodegradable utensils from a source such as: www.worldcentric.org/store/cutlery.htm q glass mugs and water glasses instead of plastic or paper cups Use q Reuse boxes for shipping packages & shredded paper as packing material q Post “Turn Off Lights” reminders on light switches (or motion detectors) CONSERVING ENERGY q Automatically turn off lights during non-working hours q Switch from T-12 to T-8 fluorescent bulbs (use up to 62% less energy) q computer monitors to revert to stand-by mode after 15 Set minutes (uses 90% less energy than regular operational mode) q Use power strips with motion detectors to turn off electrical equipment after 5 minutes of non-use q Switch from CRT to LCD monitors (use 50 to 65% less energy) q Avoid screensavers on computers (use as much energy as full power) q Use remanufactured toner cartridges (quality has improved significantly) q printers and copiers to revert to stand-by mode after being Set idle for 15 minutes q Unplug chargers, such as those for mobile phones or smartphones, when not in use. They still consume energy when plugged in, even if not charging a device. q Provide incentives for carpooling or mass transit use TRAVELING TO YOUR DESTINATION q Reduce travel to meetings – use audio- or video-conferencing or send fewer attendees q Allow telecommuting where practical q Purchase carbon offsets for all the firm’s plane and car travel q Recycle soft drink cans RECYCLING q Eliminate bottled water q Provide a separate container at each desk for items to be recycled q Use separate containers for wet waste items q Place recycling bins throughout the firm – kitchens, conference rooms, etc. q Recycle batteries q Recycle used computer equipment (equipment is donated to non-profits, remarketed or recycled); nothing enters a landfill q Implement a composting program in your firm or building Author Sarah Kittner of Document Technologies, Inc. Reprinted with permission from “The Houston Courtyard,” the newsletter published by the Houston Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, Fall 2010 46 Greater Los Angeles Leadership Exchange http://www.abanet.org/environ/climatechallenge/overview.shtml http://www.worldcentric.org/store/cutlery.htm

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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013
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Leadership Exchange - April/May 2013