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Hot Topics From the List Serve! HOT TOPICS FROM THE LIST SERVE Those questions that received 5 or more responses are considered to be hot topics. You may also go to: login/?forum= at anytime and read the discussion thread for any question listed in the last month by logging in and clicking on a message. Three hot topics were posted this past month: Background Checks (13 responses) Do you routinely perform background checks for applicants? 11 responded “yes” and 2 “no.” Of the yes responses, 6 performed background checks on all positions 5 on some (just staff or just attorneys or just accounting). Criminal, employment, education and credit were checked. Outsourcing (7 responses) What departments do you outsource, why and does it save you $$? What Copy/Mail/Hosp IT Copy/Records IT Library/IT Copy IT Why Cost Problems Cost Too Small Too Small Headache Too Small Savings? Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No Yes HOW TO JOIN THE LIST SERVE: As a member of the Golden Gate Chapter, we invite you to join our List Serve. To subscribe, go to: http:// After entering an email address and your name, you'll receive a confirmation that you have been added to the discussion group. Thereafter, you can begin sending messages to the discussion group. There are a couple of things we would like to share in helping you learn to use this tool effectively. 1.This is a service available only to our active Chapter members. 2.To post a message, send mail to: 3.To reply to sender only - Forward your response to the sender. 4.To reply to the List Serve (entire group) - Reply to the sender's message. 5.To unsubscribe send a blank email to: . 6.Do not discuss anything that states money or amounts that could be construed as anti-trust issues. Salaries, compensation, fees and such are not acceptable topics for our list serve. 7.ALA cannot endorse vendors or service providers of any sort. If you ask for information about these types of businesses the responses should be considered personal referrals by the sender and not be construed as a Chapter endorsement. 8.If you want to look at these e-mails only periodically and don't want them to pop-up constantly, create a folder in your e-mail system for the list serve and rule that forwards all e-mails from the list service to that folder. This will allow you to check these periodically when it is convenient for you. 9.Try to word your requests so that people aren't inclined to send you a simple Yes or No answer unless that is the information you need. June 2010 Non-Equity Partners? Are they “reviewed?” Out of the 7 responses, only 2 are reviewed, one written and one both written and oral. On-Boarding/Off-Boarding/Vacation Carryover? Do you use on/off boarding software? How much vacation do you carry over? All 13 responses did not use on/off boarding software. Re vacation carryover? It REALLY varies! Carry over 160 hours 2 weeks 1.75 times the accrual 1.5 times the accrual 80 hours Maximum up to 315 hours up to 210 up to maximum accrual no limit one week over accrual current accrual + 5 days 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 12 Golden Gate Chapter

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The Bridge - June 2010
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2010 Educational Conference in Boston
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The Bridge - June 2010