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MEMBER ANNIVERSARIES Congratulations! MEMBER NAME ALA JOIN DATE ANNIVERSARY Ilene S. Sagall Linda J. Gomez Gayley S. Moore Cynthia D. Aiello Ceanne H. Herndon Steven J. Hoedt Helen Ferentinos Susan H. Eres Inger R. Aadahl Ellen E. Eshelby Luciann M. Leraul Anthony A. Flores 6/5/1986 6/23/1986 6/1/1987 6/17/1989 6/18/1996 6/30/1997 6/5/2002 6/18/2003 6/10/2004 6/30/2004 6/8/2005 6/14/2006 24th 24th 23rd 21st 14th 13th 8th 7th 6th 6th 5th 4 th 25 Golden Gate Chapter June 2010

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Bridge - June 2010

The Bridge - June 2010
President’s Message
“Lost” Lessons for Conference Commitment
Business Partner Appreciation Luncheon
2010 Educational Conference in Boston
Hot Topics From the List Serve
Membership Update
2010 Business Partner Services
2010 Salary and Benefit Survey Order Form
Member Anniversaries
Job Bank
Golden Gate Chapter Leadership
June 2010 Calendar

The Bridge - June 2010