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Boston Conference: The Story Within the Story! PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Cheers! Fenway Park, Boston Common, Trinity Church, Paul Revere, Boston Baked Beans, The Cape, and much more were the setting for the 2010 ALA National conference. Wonderful educational sessions, meeting Chapter members from Alaska to New Zealand and a new era with a new Executive Director, Larry Smith, all this was rolled into a fast paced week in great weather. This year 1222 ALA members came to meet new people, exchange information, add to their administrator tool kit, visit with Business Partners in the Exhibit Hall, and share their experiences. The City of Boston was in fine form with 75 degree weather, and tulips in bloom ready to give us all a memorable experience as it turned out for a number of reasons. On my last night I was having dinner and struck up a conversation with someone who has an important behind the scenes job like we all do. Sometimes we never know what we will be called upon to do, how important our business relationships are and how important flexibility is. Here’s the story within the story. Susan Bonner Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Susan Bonner can be reached At 415-512-3046 or Imagine, if you will, a ten foot in diameter water pipe that delivers the water supply to thirty communities in and around the city of Boston; a relatively new section of pipe that happened to be excavated and exposed on Saturday May1, 2010. At 10:30am a catastrophic and unprecedented pipe rupture occurred and contamination of the city’s water supply began. Many of us had not arrived in Boston yet and were blissfully unaware of the adventure ahead of us. By the time we arrived in Boston that Saturday evening the quest for water had begun. Restaurants stopped serving water, drinks without ice, notices went out to boil all water in your home, brush your teeth with bottled water, people began stocking up on bottled water wherever they could find it, and lines began at the local Trader Joe’s, (yes they’re in Boston too), and the shelves began to empty. For three days, residents had to rely on boiled or bottled water for anything that might involve it being ingested, from vegetable washing to tooth brushing, while bathing or washing clothes was considered safe. Other events on the national stage filled the news, the NYC bomb scare and the Gulf oil spill but two million people in the Boston area were concerned with boiling all their drinking and bathing water, and NO COFFEE! (Coffee shops with machines that used water directly from the tap either stopped altogether or just offered tea.) The person I met on my last night turned out to be the Director of Housekeeping at the 1200 room Sheraton, one of the conference hotels, and full to capacity. In many ways an administrators job mirrors Jeff’s job in that our goal is to serve our clients and our employers seamlessly. Jeff had the day off when he got the call Saturday afternoon and he kicked into action. Notices went up at all the hotel entrances and in each room about the situation and the restrictions in place, bottles of water were placed in every room, water was boiled to make ice, steam table water was used to make ice for chilling in the catering department. Jeff called in personal favors of his business contacts to get as much water delivered to the hotel as soon as possible, this is really where good relationships really come into play. Jeff found a vendor with whom he had not done business for several years; their business relationship was so strong he said he could deliver what Jeff needed and promised it would get it to him ASAP. Jeff had a few minutes of calm before the call came to tell him the water had been taken, but Jeff’s contact told him he promised him he would have his water; shortly thereafter a caravan of trucks, the first one driven by his former vendor rolled into the Sheraton loading dock. By Wednesday, the next to the last day of the conference, full water usage was restored and at the Sheraton there was only one customer complaint. Endnotes: The Golden Gate Chapter celebrated the recognition it received from its submissions to headquarters in becoming a Gold Level President’s Award winner under Immediate Past President Louis Tullius and received Honorable Mention in the categories of Newsletter, Diversity, Educational Excellence HR Management, Visibility Community Challenge Weekend, Recruitment and Retention and Business Partner Relations. For an up close and personal account of the conference read our scholarship winner David Chi’s article in this issue. If you were unable to attend the conference in Boston this year, look within this issue to see all the available education opportunities coming up for ALA members this spring and fall. Many members say the Regional Conferences are the best of all. This year’s regional conference in October in San Diego is a joint conference with Region 5 and 6 which should offer twice the opportunities! Our Section Leaders have set their dates for the Golden Gate ALA’s educational offerings, so check the calendar on the website, watch the Email Blasts for upcoming sessions and save June 24th for the Summer Quarterly and be prepared to let off some steam and engage in healthful laughter with attorney/comedian Fred Knipe to recharge your batteries. See you there!! 4 Golden Gate Chapter June 2010

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