2018 Winter Equestrian Festival - January 10 - April 1, 2018 - 68



Young Professional on the Rise

By Kim Beaudoin
Eugenio Garza cheered and pointed to his 16-year-old
mount, Bariano, after being the first of three horse-andrider combinations to go clear in the CSI 5* Rolex Grand
Prix at Tryon International Equestrian Center last fall.
With all of the gratitude in the world for his four-legged
partner, Garza would later admit that taking the secondplace ribbon that night, just seconds behind the FEI's top
ranked rider, Kent Farrington, was his most memorable
riding moment to date. "I'd say that it was the most
unexpected and memorable night of my life thus far,"
stated Garza. "For eight months, we were planning to
do that Grand Prix, but we were planning to do it with
another horse. We decided last minute to give him the
week off, so Bariano had to step up to the plate. I was
walking the course and had zero expectations, and that's
how I went into the ring. It was very unexpected and a
very emotional night."


Garza's passion for horses was instilled at a young age,
having been born into a family of "horse people." He
began riding at the age of five, after several trips to the
barn with his mother. "Both of my parents rode horses,"
said Garza. "Horses have been in our family forever. One
thing led to another and I was on the back of a pony
and then that pony turned into a horse. It began as a
way to spend time with my mother, but then I actually
started getting more involved, and I started going to
shows. I started doing well and then riding a bit more
Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Garza began
competing in National Grand Prix classes when he
moved to Dallas, TX, at the age of fourteen. A few years
later, his family built a farm in Wellington. The rest?
It's history. The now 21-year-old credits much of his
success to his seasoned mount, with whom he shares an
unbreakable bond. "We've had Bariano for several years


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