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Returns as Official Veterinarian of WEF
By Lindsay Brock/Jump Media
Based in the heart of Wellington, FL, Palm Beach Equine
Clinic (PBEC) is the go-to medical center for the world's
top equine athletes that flock to south Florida each
winter for the globally-acclaimed Winter Equestrian
Festival (WEF). After significant clinic renovations and
advancements over the past year, PBEC is now better
equipped than ever to deliver state-of-the-art services,
procedures, and therapies to the Wellington equestrian
community and beyond. With 30 years of an unwavering
commitment to the care of horses of all disciplines and
levels, PBEC is proud to be a part of WEF as the official
Palm Beach Equine Clinic offers an advanced facility
down the street from the Palm Beach International
Equestrian Center, as well as a convenient Annex
office located on the WEF showgrounds with on-call
veterinarians equipped to care for the needs of horses on
the showgrounds. The more than 40 veterinarians, boardcertified surgeons and specialists, and staff of PBEC are
respected throughout the industry for the superior level
of care and dedication their present to horses and their
owners. From Olympic athletes to trusted trail horses,
PBEC offers the best in care for all equines.
"Being based in Wellington, FL, Palm Beach Equine Clinic
is in a unique position to offer supreme care to some of
the world's top equine athletes," said PBEC President
Dr. Scott Swerdlin, who leads the team of veterinarians.
"Since we work with some of the finest equine athletes in
the world, we strive to offer cutting-edge technology and
diagnostics to ensure that we provide the best level of
care possible.
"Additionally, our Annex office, located right next to the
stabling office on the showgrounds is just one of the ways
that we can make advanced veterinary care convenient
to equestrians competing at Palm Beach International
Equestrian Center," Swerdlin added.
The extensive list of services offered by Palm Beach
Equine Clinic includes:
* 24-hour emergency coverage, intensive care available
365 days a year
* Preeminent lameness examinations and follow-up


* Comprehensive surgical and medical resources at a
state-of-the-art hospital
* Computed tomography (CT scan) machine
* Extensive pre-purchase evaluations
* Dentistry services
* Equine Reproductive services
* On-site advanced diagnostic imaging including a
standing MRI unit, a Nuclear Scintigraphy gamma ray
camera, ultrasonography, and radiography
* Laser and cryotherapy treatments
* Preventative medicine and wellness programs
* Alternative medicine services including chiropractic
manipulation and acupuncture therapies
Among the advancements that PBEC recently underwent
is the notable addition of a standing surgery pit, making
surgical procedures more comfortable and safer for
horses and veterinarians alike. The four-and-a-half-foot
recessed area allows doctors to perform surgeries on
anything from a horse's hock and below from a standing
position, while horses can forgo the risks of general
anesthesia for a mild sedative and local nerve blocks.
"Amazingly, horses tolerate it really well, and it is very
convenient for procedures like medial condylar fractures
(cannon bone fracture), which we see a lot," said
PBEC surgeon Dr. Jorge Gomez. "In these cases, the
fracture can spiral all the way up through the cannon
bone, and they have a tendency to develop complete
catastrophic fractures that can happen at any time after


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