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3 12 • 2 01 20 A Visit to Reno/Tahoe Innsbruck... Epicenter of Austrian Sports Sensory Overload: Heli-skiing in Alaska FWSA Ski & Adventure Trips Offered Ski Club & Ski Resort Information Serving All Snowsports Enthusiasts AN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE FAR WEST SKI ASSOCIATION AN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE FAR WEST SKI ASSOCIATION “ T h e Vo i c e o f t h e We s t e r n S k i e r ”

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Far West Skier's Guide - 2012-2013

Far West Skier's Guide - 2012-2013
Board of Directors, Trustees
President’s Message: FWSA Offers A Variety of Activities & Trips
FWSA Committee Chairmen and Other Representatives
National Ski Council Federation Serves Councils & Clubs Nationwide
Springtacular . . . What?
Council Information
Councils Come Together: Identify Common Strengths & Problems, Assist to Provide Solutions
The New Ski Season is Here
Direct Membership is Available in FWSA
FWSAIndividual Membership Form
FWSA Revamps Website
It’s Been 25 Years
FWSA Travel Program
FWRA Silent Auction Donors
FWRA: Racing is Fun & Helps Improve Technique!
2013 FWRA Championships Alpine Meadows, California
FWRA Board of Directors
FWRA League Race Chairs
FWRARace Schedule
FWSA Athletic Scholarship Program
Far West Ski Foundation Expands Program
FWSA Ski Clubs Continue Generous Donations in Time & Fundraising
FWSA 2012 Convention
Greg Thompsom Shows Way to Preservation of Ski History
FWSA 2012 Convention Sponsors
Convention Door Prize Donors
FWSA Industry Award Recipients
Travel Expo/Silent Auction Milestones
2012 Councils’ Man & Woman of the Year
Silent Auction & Travel Expo Participants - 2012
FWSA Safety Person of the Year
FWSA Western Ski Heritage Award
FWSA 2012 Service Award Recipients
FWSA Snowsports Builder Awards
Harry Leonard Inducted into U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame
2013 FWSA Convention - Reno, Nevada
Reno/Lake Tahoe: Come Early - Stay Longer
Lodging Options
2014 FWSA Convention - Bend, Oregon
Public Affairs - 2012 Update
Chuck Morse Honored - “Veteran of the Year”
FWSA Historic Ski Clubs
Skiing on Grass
Innsbruck . . . The Epicenter of Austrian Sports
Sensory Overload: Helicopter Skiing in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska
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FWSA Council & Club Information
Regional Ski Shows

Far West Skier's Guide - 2012-2013