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...Millions of Acres of Mountains,
Forests, Lakes & Rivers Surround
the Town in Every Direction.
While there have been many changes
over the last century, the town retains its historic ambiance and its recreational culture.
Raft along its wild and scenic rivers. Canoe,
kayak, sail or paddle on the numerous lakes,
including the popular Whitefish and Flathead
Lakes. Or, simply take a relaxing hike along
the one of many lake shores.
If thrills are part of your DNA, ride the
gondola or chairlift up to the summit of
Whitefish Mountain. There are over 25 miles
of lift-accessed gravity (downhill) bike trails
divided between four main routes including
the Summit Trail, Kashmir, Freebird and the
Runaway Train. Some of the sections along
these routes are designed for beginners, while
others include jumps, berms, and other more
advanced areas to excite riders of varying
Some of the Whitefish Mountain trails
are designed to be multi-use, meaning bikers
and hikers share the trails, the stunning views

and paths through the forest. However, there
are numerous dedicated miles of biker only
trails, and additional miles of hiker only trails.
A good spot to gear up is Village Rentals.
One is able to rent an appropriate downhill
bike, obtain protective gear, get lift passes and
ask about which trails are best for one's skill
level. Bring your closed toed shoes, and if you
do not have a mountain bike helmet, you'll
need to rent one. Then, have some fun on the
mountain trails!
While you are on the mountain, you can
also go to another "Happy Place". The Aerial
Adventure Park consists of five obstacle rope
courses for walking - or zipping - through the
trees. Tickets are available at the Information
Desk in the Base Lodge.
Participants must be at least seven years
old. Weight minimums and maximums apply,
but for most, there are plenty of thrills to
enjoy while in the park for all who wish to go
from tree top to tree top, climb rope ladders,


Looking to discover nature at its finest,
search no further than Whitefish, Montana located in the northern Rocky Mountains. This
charming town was built along the route of
the Great Northern Railway in the very early
years of the Twentieth Century. Sections of
the forested area were cut for the track to be
laid, and the town to be built near beautiful
lakes and rivers. In its early years, the railroad
and logging were the primary industries providing the town's livelihood. The town was
situated near a huge mountain they referred
to as The Big Mountain. Like many mountain
towns, the leaders of the community became
aware of the burgeoning ski industry and its
potential, resulting in the initial development
of a ski area also known as The Big Mountain.
This was in 1947. After 60 years - 2007 - and
a lot of advancements, the resort's name was
changed to Whitefish Mountain Resort. The
ski area grew into a favorite winter resort and
a fantastic summer destination.

W H I T E F I S H , M O N TA N A

Par tially Located on National Forest Lands

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2018 Far West Skier's Guide - Summer Supplement


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