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n Lake Tahoe is a favorite
destination for mountain bikers.
The views are awesome along the
Flume Trail. photo / The Abbi Agency
n A favorite activity is a sight
seeing or dinner cruise on
Lake Tahoe. photo / RenoTahoeUSA
n Bring your clubs for a round of
golf at Northstar. photo / Vail Resorts
n Reno is the site of the 2018 Far
West Ski Association Convention.
photo / RenoTahoeUSA

n The Village at Snowmass offers
abundant shopping and dining.
photo / Snowmass Tourism
n Soar high above the trails at
Whitefish Mountain Resort.
photo / Whitefish Mountain Resort

n The 2018 FWSA Dive Trip
will be to the Cayman Islands.
photo / Roàtan Charter


tee to provide such other seasonal or year-round
natural, resource-based recreational activities and
associated facilities (in addition to skiing and other
snow sports) on National Forest System land subject to a ski area permit as the Secretary (of Agriculture) determines to be appropriate."
Protecting the enviromnent is always a
concern, so numerous activities are still restricted. Ziplines, mountain bike terrain parks
and trails, frisbee golf courses and rope courses
are authorized under the new act. But, several
activities are not permitted on public land.
These include, but are not limited to: tennis
courts, waterslides or water parks, swimming
pools, any new golf courses and amusement
parks because they would alter the natural topography; and obstruct the natural beauty of
their awesome surroundings These actitvities
can be placed on nearby privately owned property as long as they are permitted and conform
to their community regulations.
The guidelines of the 2011 Act were eventually finalized in 2014. The main addition
was that the U.S. Forest Service policy will
open the opportunity to further expand and promote year-around recreational activities that do
not disrupt the natural appearance of the terrain within the national forests.
Ever wonder why the majority of ski resorts have recently spent millions of dollars in
designing and developing ziplines, rope courses,
ON THE COVER: Ski lifts re-open during the
summer months. These beautiful white wildflowers covering the slopes are a great replacement for the white winter snows. Take the lifts
up, hike down; rent (or use your own) mountain
bike; or enjoy the adventure park located on the
mountain. So much to do at Whitefish and
vicinity! photo / Whitefish Mountain Resort


The Fun Doesn't End...When the Snow Melts & the Lifts Close


U.S. Forest Service Opens Public Lands for Recreational Usage


Lake Tahoe: A Year Around Paradise


Other Summer Activities of Interest in the North Lake Tahoe Area


Get Ready for "A High Sierra Stampede", The 86th Annual FWSA
Convention to be Held in Reno, Nevada - June 7-10, 2018


Here are 12 Must-Do Snowmass Summer Activities... Include in Your Plans for this Summer.


Discover Whitefish & Vicinity... Millions of Acres of Mountains,
Forests, Lakes & Rivers Surround the Town in Every Direction.


Diving... Many Skiers are Divers, too! FWSA Dive Trip to the
Cayman Islands to be Held September 15-22, 2018


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2018 Far West Skier's Guide - Summer Supplement



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