Summer Supplement - 7

to ski clubs, and their members and families
to the expanding virtues of traveling to the ski
resorts around you in the summer months.
Each resort or resort area is unique. Determine what type of adventure your group
wishes to pursue. Do they want to experience
a rushing rapids, hike a trail at 8,000+ feet, attend a musical concert or watch outdoor theatre? So many things to do! Start by linking
to a resort's website and research their summer activities. The following pages will examine several mountain resorts in the western
USA. There is so much to do in the summer!
Make some plans to visit them soon. ss
biking has
become very
popular as
ski resorts
bike parks.
There are
green, blue,
black and
black trails
to match
your skill
and comfort
level. What
a great
photo /

From a Different Perspective: 2 Skis to 2 Wheels
We all know what the slopes look like when they are blanketed in white, but what
about those same slopes when they are brown, or covered in tones of green, yellow, pink,
purple or blue? Temperatures have warmed. Wildflowers have bloomed. Lifts have reopened. The sun is shining. And, summer crowds are heading back to the mountains.
Since the late 1970s, mountain biking has become very popular, especially in the last
decade. New parks and trails are being developed and opened not only at mountain resorts, but other areas througout the country - actually the world. As a growing sport,
trails are continually changing and improving from month to month - year to year.
Weather, usage, and normal maintainance all affect a trail throughout the season. And,
typically, more trails are being added each year to expand the parks. Many mountainous
areas offer miles of gravity (downhill) trails merging with cross country trails for hours
of enjoyment. Like skiing the mountain slopes, there are trails for beginners, intermediate,
advanced and experts. If you are a never-ever or just getting involved, consider this.
Downhill biking is different than riding the bike you've learned on. Mountainous terrain is filled with uneven dirt, gravel, rocks, and other obstacles. It is advisable to take
lessons to learn how to maneuver, brake and balance your weight while following a mountain path and to control your speed. Leave your city bike at home and rent a mountain
bike at the park. Other than having two wheels, the two vehicles are very different. The
latter is much more durable so it can handle the rocky terrain. Plus, the service center
can personalize the bike to your weight and other requirements including providing the
proper safety equipment like helmets and pads.
Just like skiing a new resort for the first time, become familiar with the trails. Obtain
the trail map and keep it with you. Also ask someone from the service center, or someone
very familiar with the park that you trust, which trails they recommend. Or, take a guided
tour. Guides can help with navigation and developing your skills and technique. As a beginner, you should concentrate on the green trails. You probably will be out of your league
on an advanced or expert trail until your skill levels improve. Additionally, as you return,
take more lessons to improve those skills. Remember, it is important to stay on the trails.
You do not want to get lost in the backcountry, or damage the surrounding vegetation.
While on the trail, know that the downhill rider has the right of way. If you desire
to pass another rider, communicate with them, then find a safe area to pass. Control your
speed so you do not run into any riders in front of you; and do not stop in the middle of
a trail or anywhere that would cause a problem for others. ss

Northstar Golf Course, on
Lake Tahoe's north side, was
designed by famed course
architect, Robert Muir
Graves. It originally opened
in 1974. The season runs
from May to October.
Beautifully integrated into
a natural, rugged tree-lined
setting, the 18-hole, par-72
golf course incorporates
Tahoe's mountainous landscapes with the open Martis
Valley meadow. Each of the
9-hole sections are distinctly
different. The front nine
features a classic scenic,
rolling terrain for all ability
levels, while the back nine
plays through forested pines
with smaller greens to
provide more of a challenge.
Reservations are required.
A well appointed golf shop
and restaurant are on the
photo / Vail Resorts

2018 Far West Skier's Guide - Summer Supplement



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