Summer Supplement - 8

Lake Tahoe:
A Year Around

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On the gondola ride up to the summit of Heavenly stop at the observation deck for stunning views
of Lake Tahoe. Surrounded by mountains, it is the largest alpine lake in North America, and has
been a summer destination long before any ski area existed. photos / Vail Resorts

Mid Station Observation Deck (3,000 feet
above South Lake Tahoe) for incredible views
of this beautiful deep blue lake, flanked by
mountains - sometimes snow capped even in
the summer which can be reflected in the
water. Awesome! This stop must be made on
the ascent, since the gondola does not stop
here on the descent.
Re-enter the Gondola for some serious
fun at the top. Epic Discovery is waiting. Remember to wear closed toe shoes!
Epic Discovery is a relatively new and
exciting adventure park located at the top of
the Heavenly Gondola. The gondola station
area is the hub for many different activities
which can be enjoyed by everyone who has
an adventure pass. Activity passes can be purchased at the lower gondola station in Heavenly Village.
Rope courses are one of the most popular
adventures at Epic Discovery. There are three

2018 Far West Skier's Guide - Summer Supplement

of them. Bear Cub Rope Course is intended
for children and first-timers to experiment and
literally learn the ropes. Boulder Cove Challenge Course is a two level course to further
test one's agility and abilities as they navigate
through it and perhaps even advance their
skills and confidence. The third course, called
the Discovery Forest Rope Course, is a tree top
course where one moves between obstacles
within the forest. Participants must be at least
five years old, but those under seven must be
accompanied by a parent. The park also has
several ziplines - of various lengths and degrees of difficulty. For children between ages
5-12, there is also a camp so their parents can
experience everything the park offers while
their children are safely learning about nature,
and being entertained on especially designed
rope courses and playground equipment.
One of the most popular adventures is
the Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster. Hold on!


Scenic Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine
lake in North America. Surrounded by numerous peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains on
the west and the Carson Range on the east,
Lake Tahoe has been a popular recreational
destination for eons. The earliest known inhabitants of the Tahoe Basin area were the nomadic predecessors to the Washoe, Maidu and
Pauiute Indian Tribes*. It is believed through
research, that these groups existed during the
Middle Archaic Period - 8,000 to 5,000 years
ago. They were thought to return to this area
during the summer months. Thus, they
started a precedence that continues today, although they would not recognize the area due
to the changes since those original folks
walked the earth many millenia ago.
Today, Lake Tahoe is a year around paradise. As skiers, we know the virtues in the
winter months with the high concentration of
fabulous ski areas nearby. Many of those ski
areas also open their lifts for summer activities, as well. Taking a lift up the mountain in
summer not only provides beautiful vistas, and
walking trails, but several Lake Tahoe resorts
offer a lot more. They have expanded their
summer recreational opportunitys substantially in just the past several years.
On the southside of the lake, take the
Heavenly gondola, located in Heavenly Village,
up to the summit. However, make a stop at the


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