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tips & hints GRAND CENTRAL + share & show + comments & conversation + links & legacies + wise whys & wherefores CRisp piCks: EDitoR’s ChoiCE Cheryl Steele, grand to Connor, Grant and Julianne in Oklahoma, has a new book out: What If?: Questions to Delight and Inspire Children  What if…a snowman had a birthday party? …a hippo invited you to lunch? every day were Saturday? a family of clowns lived next door? (Our neighbors believe this is already true.) An audio download with sound effects comes with the book; it can be purchased as an eBook download; it is a major giggle-machine. Sondra Rose has to do something Almost a year ago, Jack, the 4-year-old grandson of Sondra Rose, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “He had swollen glands, a runny nose, and was under the care of an ENT, and when he went for a visit to see about an adenoids operation, the doctor says—thank God for that doctor’s vigilance—that he’d never seen such large glands in a child. The pediatrician sent him to the emergency room, and we found out in two days. We knew that something was very, very wrong, and when we learned, we were horrified. We were horrified and terrified. I couldn’t talk to anybody, told my husband, you talk. I couldn’t even think, it was too horrible; when I calmed down I said, there’s nothing I can do say, think, wish that will change the situation. All I can do is do what I do best; I can cook for them, keep the refrigerator stocked, and the other thing I can do, I can raise money. “I didn’t know anything about lymphoma, so I went on-line, and my daughter and I became advocates, call this hospital, call this social worker. We learned about the Children’s Hospital of Westchester [N.Y.]’s Children’s Cancer Fund  and we’re helping raise money”—[to date, over $10,000]—“for that, too….” The “too” means in addition to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society : To work for Jack, Rose not only has organized her friends to give but also has completed a hike in the Smoky Mountains and a half-marathon in Disney World to bring in additional financial pledges (which have, to date, exceeded $25,000). Rose is no newcomer to mobilizing her own fundraising efforts. “In the beginning—for the Diabetes Foundation—I sent letters to my close friends. People started to send money. That empowered me. Now, I send to anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve lived in my community—Cedarhurst, Five Towns, on Long Island—and I’m writing to all of them. I get checks for $10 and checks for $1,000 and all numbers in between. “In 2000, I arranged a trip to Canyon Ranch [spa] in Lenox, Massachusetts. My daughter’s best friend had an 11-month baby with juvenile diabetes; we were all crying that we didn’t know what to do. And I said, I have to do something. I’ll raise money for Diabetes. So, I arranged with Canyon Ranch, everyone will get a discounted rate, and $50 will go to the charity—a check, made out to Diabetes, but send to my husband’s post office box, so I know they’re coming through. The next year, I made it a $75 donation, and then $100. I think I’ve raised over $25,000 for Diabetes. “When Jack was diagnosed, I said, ‘Now, I want the checks to go to Leukemia & Lymphoma and the Children’s Cancer Fund.’ My grandson. You know when I walk in the door, he says, ‘Grandma Sondra, did you bring the chicken soup with Matzoh balls? Did you bring it?’ And I say, ‘Of course, would I ever come to your house without it?’” Until We Meet Again  is a hardcover Ben Franklin (independent press) award-winning story by Ava, OH Yuliana, CA Brandon, NY JJ, NV Cameron, OH Richie, VA FEBRUARY 2009 GRAND 11 Click and connect to more resources instantly where you see this symbol: 

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