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contents February 2009 16 24 11 32 In Every Issue 4 Features 16 Susan L. Taylor wants all children to have the opportunities her granddaughter has. By Arnesa Howell On the Cover: Susan L. T aylor One in a Million 27 Closing In Do You Feel It? By Christine Crosby A grand takes action for her grandson’s illness, how schools define “parent,” Internet sites to share with the g’kids. GRAND VIEW A first-person essay on relocating. By Gloria Raskin 11 GRAND CENTRAL 32 30 10 Disney Secrets 36 Grand Prix: 0-3 20 A grandmother inspires her Get a Job! Insiders’ tips to dazzling the kids. By Jodi Webb An Elephant in the Room? How gay couples come out to their grandchildren. By Lillian Carson, D.S.W. ASK GRAND teenage grandson to become an entrepreneur. By Abigail Gripman 22 Infants sleep up to 19 hours a day. 38 Left Behind The Healthy Crib Do you know what they’re breathing in? By Michelle Briseño Tucker How to stimulate the g’kids in the critical first three years. By Ruth Nathan 33 Just the Family We Are Cycle Safe 26 Should you relocate to be nearer 40 Bike riding with your g’kids can Movin’ to the G’Kids the family? By Tracy McGinnis The agony of grandparents in the U.S. who have family in Iraq. By Suzanne Finley Gay grandparents are often able to have better relationships with their grandchildren than they did with their children. By Eric Henrickson 4 3 RESOURCES 4 6 GRAND FINALE be fun—it can also be dangerous. By Terry Spaeth A Charmed Life By Elizabeth Thomas COVER AND THIS pAGE COURTESy OF SUSAN L. TAyLOR 6 GRAND FEBRUARY 2009

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GRAND Magazine - February 2009
GRAND Central
On the Cover: Susan L. Taylor, One in a Million
Get a Job!
The Healthy Crib
Movin’ to the G’Kids
Closing In
10 Disney Secrets
Just the Family We Are
Grand Prix: 0-3
Left Behind
Cycle Safe
GRAND Finale

GRAND Magazine - February 2009