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looking grand A return to elegance By Mary Kincaid What’s a grand without gloves? G loves are back with a glamorous bonanza. Just a quick glance at recent runway shows will show selections ranging from neon to lace and with trims that range from feathers to fur. If you haven’t worn gloves since you wore black patent leather Mary Janes, here are some reminders: Size To determine your glove size, simply measure around the widest part of your dominant hand, excluding your thumb. The measuring tape should sit right on top of your knuckles. Now gently bend your hand into a fist and read the measuring tape. That’s your glove size: Size 6 (XS) up to 10 (XL). Two tips: (1) Some gloves will be “one size fits all” if their fabric has lots of stretch; and (2) be cautious when purchasing vintage gloves, as they tend to run one to two sizes smaller than modern gloves. Etiquette • DO wear gloves while dancing at a formal party • DO keep gloves on at a cocktail party until drinks and hors d’oeuvres are passed; then remove one glove only • DO remove gloves for dining • DO remove gloves at informal parties or luncheons • DO wear gloves in receiving lines • DON’T eat, drink, smoke or apply makeup while wearing gloves • DON’T wear rings over gloves (although bracelets are allowed) • DON’T wear short gloves to formal occasions Length Glove length is measured in “buttons,” with each button equal to one inch from the base of the thumb. So, for instance, a six-button glove would extend six inches above the wrist bone. The longer the glove, the dressier the occasion. Shorties: up to two inches above the wrist bone Classic: four to six inches above the wrist bone, ending below the elbow Elbow: eight inches from the base of the thumb Opera: 16 to 23 inches above the base of the thumb, ending on the upper arm 40 GRAND APRIL Ready to shop? Troll the sites listed below for both new and vintage gloves that are sure to delight you (and your granddaughters!). G New and/or custom gloves: • Gaspar Gloves  • La Crasia Gloves  • Fancy Gloves  Vintage gloves: • The Vintage Hat Box  • Ballyhoo Vintage  • Amber’s Attic  2009 click and connect to more resources instantly where you see this symbol: 

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GRAND Magazine - April 2009