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grand finale At Azalea Gardens Then there is just the brute sledgehammer blow of missing you. Like tonight at the library, passing the shelf with the Large Print mysteries, living once again how I took you books at Azalea Gardens, how it spun steadily downhill the year you lived there: first your grand plans for what they called the Faulkner apartment and your worries, would the residents like you even if you rented the most expensive. Then tea parties, mutual eyeings of treasures, all the old lady wreaths and coasters to make a home where there was none. Then your falls, the day you got stuck hanging halfway out of your armchair, emergency call button broken, how you balanced there two hours until we got there. Then the dead weight of you, trying to get you back to bed, wig skewed over your face, and I thought dear God let her die this afternoon in so much sunlight. Then the man who blew his nose into his napkin, your rages, how you thought they were trying to steal from you. The week before you left I drove out one night and sat in the car, looking up at the Faulkner window right at the center of Azalea Gardens, and mama I cried for an hour, seeing your window was lighted and soon would not be. —Ann Fisher-Wirth “At Azalea Gardens” appeared in Blue Window (Archer Books, 2003). Reprinted with permission. 50 GRAND APRIL 2009

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GRAND Magazine - April 2009