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* Rx for trouble Don’t be a source of drugs for your grandkids BY DAVID R. VOSS It’s happening more often in homes throughout America every day. Grandma or Grandpa reaches for their medication and it’s gone—stolen by a family member, a grandchild’s best friend or a thief looking for pain pills in the medicine cabinet. Lock Your Meds™ is a new national multimedia campaign designed to reduce prescription drug abuse by making adults aware that they are the unwitting suppliers of prescription medications being used in unintended ways, especially by young people. The campaign is produced by the National Family Partnership (NFP), a growing network of local coalitions, government agencies, education and parent groups that work to improve the lives of families at the grassroots level. “You may be a supplier and don’t know it,” says Peggy Sapp, president of NFP and frequent keynote speaker. “We urge all family members to be aware and don’t share your 22 GRAND NOV DEC 2010 medications. We believe that when armed with appropriate information and tools, parents and grandparents can become our number one line of defense against this dangerous and potentially deadly epidemic.” To help grandparents, NFP offers a glossary of terms teens use to describe the most popular abused drugs, such as “pancakes and syrup” to describe a combination of pills and cough syrup. The glossary is called “Close the Communication Gap.” Families can gather information about the extent of the problem by reading the “MEDucation Kit” and learn preventive steps from the “Parent Guide” to begin reversing the alarming trend. “We don’t have to feel helpless,” said Sapp. “This is something very tangible that each and every one of us can do.” For more information on prescription drug abuse or to download Lock Your Meds materials, visit For the full-length version of this article, click here. Share this article with your friends. photo: © Oleksandr Rozdolyanskiy |

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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2010