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Comfort in the kitchen T A family recipe for love BY KIMBERLY RIPLEY his holiday season 5-year-old Ella Anania is going to learn an intricate and delicious part of her family history. And while Ella will have fun in the process, she won’t realize its significance, at least not for a few more years. That’s how it was for Ella’s Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she spends time with grandchildren Lilly and Aiden. Kimberly wrote the May 2009 GRAND cover story “Watching Lilly Bloom.” grandmother Kathy Anania anyway. “Neeny,” as Ella calls her, grew up treasuring the times she got to savor the delicate taste and sweet aroma of the homemade yeast rolls made by her own grandmother, Mary “Mae” Comfort. These days Kathy is the only one left in her family who has the original recipe and makes the traditional rolls. “They take a lot of work,” Kathy explains. “And I make them using Nana’s original pan. It’s sacred.” That’s how Nana Comfort did it, turning out just one small 38 GRAND NOV DEC 2010 batch at a time in the old, battered tin pan. Nana Comfort was widowed young and raised her children, including Kathy’s mom, on wages that didn’t afford many luxuries, but she made a practice of baking the yeast rolls for her family, and always performed the timeconsuming labor with love. “I had no idea how much time and work went into making them. Each batch takes me five hours from start to finish. I remember how I couldn’t wait to eat them, and I always asked for more,” Kathy says. Ella has already come to love the rolls, and this year gets to learn patience and a few kitchen skills, as she and Neeny work to turn out the treasured baked treat. Ella and Neeny will work at making the rolls every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas from now

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