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Pro-tirement Excerpts from How to Love Your Retirement, 2nd ed., Barbara Waxman, special editor, published by Hundreds of Heads, November 2010 R Barbara Waxman is president of the Odyssey Group, an executive and life coaching company for adults, midlife and better. 46 etirees’ expectations and circumstances are different from previous generations. Retirement does not necessarily mean stopping paid work; it may mean embarking on a new career, shifting work schedules to incorporate more volunteer work or pursuing other hobbies, or starting a business. Over the course of the next couple of decades, being an older adult can increasingly be viewed as some of the best, most productive and rewarding years of life. That’s why GRAND is pleased to recommend How to Love Your Retirement, the most comprehensive workbook and collection of advice from real people about how to fully enjoy and thrive in retirement. Retirees and experts share their best stories and tips about… • Knowing if and when one is ready to retire • Planning for financial independence (even if you are starting late) • Traveling and relocating • Learning to refocus on your spouse (and dealing with an empty nest) • Identifying new passions/ hobbies Excerpts: “I had been a writer, journalist and radio personality in earlier years. When I got to be over 60...I had an idea to do oral histories for people.... The idea is, at some point down the Continued on page 48 GRAND NOV DEC 2010

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Grand - Nov/Dec 2010
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2010 Holiday Gift Guide
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Rx for Trouble
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Grandma’s Off Her Rocker
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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2010