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grand view Why GRAND? Magazine publishing can be a very exciting business. You get to meet celebrities, experts, activists, talented writers, editors, photographers and business people and, of course, incredible readers. But if anyone thinks GRAND was created for the glamour of it, they’re way off the mark. GRAND Magazine was born because of a deep-seated dream I’ve had since I was a kid: the dream for a healthy, happy family filled with love and nurturing care from birth to end of life. You see, I grew up in one of those millions of dysfunctional families with some serious problems: drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, poverty and neglect. I was lucky that I had a couple of amazing grandparents who helped me seek a different life path from that of my parents. I learned about the amazing difference a stable, loving environment makes for a child. I learned that if a child has at least one caring adult in their life (like a grandparent), they can make it through just about anything and become a productive, happy adult. So, the reason for GRAND is really not about grandparents; it’s about grandchildren. We are on a mission to inspire grandparents to step up and Christine Crosby with grandson Jacob support their children in raising happy, healthy well-adjusted children who become productive adults who will continue that positive cycle. I encourage you to read the excerpt of Judge Irene Sullivan’s book, Raised by the Courts, on page 34 and be that special GRANDparent in the life of a child, any child. With my best to you and your family for a happy, healthy holiday season. Christine Crosby Founder and Publisher PS: I’m always eager to hear from you, dear reader. Please e-mail me at NOV DEC 2010 GRAND 5

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - November/December 2010

Grand - Nov/Dec 2010
Table of Contents
Grand View
Grand Treasure Hunt
Grand Central
2010 Holiday Gift Guide
Cover Story
Rx for Trouble
Your Grandkids’ Health
Grandma’s Off Her Rocker
Dr. Marion
Book Review
Comfort in the Kitchen
Grand Giggles
Grandparent Rights
Kinship Care
Grand Finale

GRAND Magazine - November/December 2010