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dr. marion Prepare for CARE BY DR. MARION SOMERS T Marion Somers, Ph.D., is the author of Elder Care Made Easier and the current spokesperson for the 3in4 Need More campaign. We all need a plan for long-term care oday’s grandparents are younger in mind, body and spirit than any generation before us. Nevertheless, we’re aging, and living longer than ever before. So it’s inevitable that we’ll need help someday— whether that help comes from someone bringing us our groceries, or from assisted living or home health care. The question is are we ready? None of us wants to think about ourselves as old and needy. But according to a recent Prudential study, 71 percent of adults 35-65 are at least somewhat concerned about needing long-term care services someday. Those costs are increasing, and they’re not covered by traditional insurance or Medicare—which means 32 GRAND SEPT OCT 2011 they can quickly eat away at a retirement nest egg. That’s why I spent the summer traveling across the country with the 3in4 Need More campaign [see video!] on a ’60s-era Greyhound bus to raise awareness about planning for longterm health care needs. There are many ways to mitigate the costs, but unless we understand our needs and options, we’ll be caught off guard later. This can have a devastating emotional and financial impact on us and our loved ones. 3in4 Need More is supported by many members of the longterm care industry, including Prudential, Transamerica, Med America, Life Secure, Mutual of Omaha, One Reverse Mortgage, and the advisory board of the Share this article with your friends. *

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GRAND Magazine - September/October 2011