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Facebook faux pas The secret code for social networking with your grandkids BY HEIDI JUSCZAK M Heidi Jusczak is currently a senior writing major at Northwestern College in St. Paul. Here’s her Facebook page. argie White lives four hours away from her six grandchildren— but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her grandson’s latest concert or laughing at all the kids’ antics. How does Margie stay connected over such a distance? The answer is free, fast and fun: Facebook! Margie says, “When my son and oldest grandson showed me how to sign in and set up an account, I was skeptical.” But today, she admits, “I love Facebook!” Though Margie is now a sea- soned Facebook veteran, she faced some challenges at first. “I have two grandsons who became embarrassed about 34 GRAND SEPT OCT 2011 some of my responses,” she says. Understanding the unspoken rules of Facebook can be difficult. But by avoiding the following Facebook faux pas, you too will be equipped to build relationships with your grandchildren online. Faux Pas #1: The constant commenter Do you comment on every status update, picture or video your grandchild posts? A heap of comments may be intended to show you’re paying attention. However, in Facebook culture that says, “Hey, I have nothing photo: © arakonyunus

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GRAND Magazine - September/October 2011