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grandparent rights Just be there Our g’kids are running amuck! BY SUSAN HOFFMAN Dear Susan, My daughter has gone off the deep end with her bohemian lifestyle. The kids are allowed to run amuck, don’t have bedtimes or mealtimes, and they are completely vegan. She now home-schools them; therefore they don’t have many friends or participate in outside activities. They live in a beat-up motorhome and are always moving from place to place. There is absolutely no discipline, and she and the kids’ father have never married. They live like gypsies. I am becoming so frustrated. Whenever I bring them normal food, they won’t eat it; and if I say something, I notice that the time between visits gets longer. If only I could get them to understand how much damage they are doing to the children and get them to change. I have even thought of filing for court-ordered visitation. Susan Hoffman is the author of Grand Wishes: Advocating to Preserve the GrandparentGrandchild Bond and director of Advocates for Grandparent Grandchild Connection. — Signed, Traditional-Minded Grandma Louise Susan responds: I understand that you are concerned for the children’s best interests and, yes, it can be frustrating when we see glaring mistakes from our adult children that we can’t fix. Expecting the parents to change their behavior, however, is unrealistic. And as long as the kids are fed, clothed and have a roof over their head, there is nothing in violation legally with their current situation. If the reason that you would consider bringing about legal action is their alternative lifestyle choices, I don’t believe that you will get very far. They are not keeping you from seeing the children, only perhaps reducing the frequency as a result of your comments. 40 GRAND SEPT OCT 2011 Share this article with your friends. photo: © borbathistvan

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