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Elder Law 101 L egal problems that affect the elderly are growing in number. Our laws and regulations are becoming more complex. It is important for attorneys dealing with the elderly to have a broad understanding of the laws that may have an impact on a given situation, to avoid future problems. Unfortunately, this job is not made easy by the fact that Elder Law encompasses many different fields of law, such as • Medicaid • Medicare and Social Security claims and appeals • Supplemental and long-term health insurance issues • Disability planning, including living trusts and “living wills” • Estate planning • Nursing home issues • Age discrimination in employment • Retirement benefits Most Elder Law attorneys do not Share this article with your friends. specialize in every one of these areas. So when an attorney says they practice Elder Law, find out which of these matters they handle. You will 54 GRAND SEPT OCT 2011 What to look for when hiring an Elder Law attorney want to hire the attorney who regularly handles matters in the area of concern in your particular case. Ask questions first Ask lots of questions before selecting an Elder Law attorney: • How long has the attorney been in practice? • Does their practice emphasize a particular area of law? • How long have they been in this field? • What percentage of their practice is devoted to Elder Law? • Is there a fee for the first consultation and if so, how much is it? • Given the nature of your problem, what information should you bring with you to the initial consultation?... Click to see the rest of this article. To find a NAELA-member Elder Law attorney in your area, visit *

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