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back space on expanding a New York hotel brand with william obeid President and CEO Gemini Real Estate Advisors 1 What was the impetus for the Jade Hotel Greenwich Village? We saw a need to create an upper-upscale hotel in Greenwich Village [1, 2] and wanted something that had some inspired nostalgia. That led us to create the hotel with natural materials and traditional design elements- gas lanterns and tin ceilings and arches on the exterior fa├žade and interior-that offer the sense of warmth and timeless elegance that we were shooting for. How are the upcoming Jade Bryant Park and Jade Seaport different? For Bryant Park [3], we were inspired by Manhattan's early 20th-century skyscrapers for a design that is grander, if you will. The history of the Seaport is leading the design inspiration for us, with Federal period-type architecture and a lot of inspiration from the Colonial days-traditional design with a bit of quirk. 152 July 2014 2 3 What ties Jade hotels together? They feel very upscale and elegant, and appropriate for the neighborhoods they are a part of. Contextual design is so important-it's my North Star when I'm working with my team on a hotel project. Each hotel should feel special. What do you look for in design partners? I look for great observers. Designers who have an incredible sense of history. Designers who have traveled widely. Favorite places in New York? The Strip House is the best steak restaurant in the city with a fantastic, elegant, and fun design. Another favorite is Freemans, on the Lower East Side. What I love is the sense of exploration. Just finding it can be challenging [it's located in an alley]-most restaurant operators think that being hidden is a detriment, but that's an example of adding to the overall experience. When you leave New York, what can't you travel without? I'll admit I'm addicted to my iPad mini for the sheer convenience of being able to have so many books and periodicals and information in something that fits into the side pocket of my suit.

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