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advertorial Q&A with jordan mcinturf vp sales, shelby williams How would you describe your company in one sentence? For more than 60 years Shelby Williams has partnered with many of the best and most creative clients in the Hospitality Industry to design the broadest range of high quality seating and tables available from a single source. How does your company look today compared to 5 years ago? The foundation of our business is our commitment to develop reliable partnerships with our clients and we know this will never change. However, on top of this sturdy foundation, we have made substantial changes to three important aspects of our business in the last five years. The most recent change relates to our marketing strategy. Our industry has shifted from a paper and binder community to one that uses digital technology to find inspiration, research products, source new materials, and share creative ideas. offers a vast library of 3D assets, powerful search and sort capabilities, multiple views of products, and the ultimate ease of ordering samples directly online. This new site allows us to communicate with our clients effectively, efficiently, and quickly. It works just as well on phones, tablets, and other mobile platforms. Another change worth mentioning is that five years ago most of our wood seating was sourced in raw component parts from all corners of the globe. Today, the vast majority of our wood chair components are made to order right here in the USA, allowing us to offer better response times, easier customization, and a very reliable, durable product. Thirdly, we have greatly expanded the range of innovative new surface materials, table base designs, and power capabilities, which enable us to manufacture a virtually limitless array of tables to suit any occasion. What differentiates your company from your competitors and the marketplace? Experience, reliable partnerships, and uncompromising quality. Many of the innovations that people today take for granted stemmed from the research and development efforts of our Company. For example, the commercial stacking chair was created by a division of Shelby Williams, including patents on 008 March/April 2015 the action back mechanism, stacking bars, and the integrated ganging device. This tireless spirit of innovation creates interesting new products and achieves the right solution for our clients. In today's world furniture can be sourced anywhere and there is no bottom to price. However, common sense and experience tell us that you cannot pay a little and get a lot. Our approach has always been to build a great looking product using quality components, and give the customer the best value in the industry. What is your philosophy on custom? We believe that furniture is one of the most important ways that an owner can communicate their core values and create a lasting first impression. How a place "looks and feels" in the Hospitality industry has a real impact on its success. Our wood chairs, metal chairs, booths, and tables may be customized for any project and the minimum requirements are quite low. What else should we know about your company? There are very few vendors that offer a complete package from one source. We produce our booths, wood and banquet seating, as well as tables, at our plant in Newport TN. This offers many benefits related to project management, finish matching, logistics costs, and coordination that few can match. Where does your company stand on sustainability? We avoid the 'green washing' label games and instead take a common sense approach to true sustainability by considering these three things; the quality and durability of the furniture we produce, the environmental impact of our operation, and our relationship with our employees and the communities we serve. We believe these things are inextricably interwoven. We are located in an area of TN that is economically challenged but where our workers earn good wages and have outstanding benefits. More than 80% of our raw materials are sourced within 500 miles of Newport, TN. We produce very little waste and many of our materials are recyclable. For example our table bases are manufactured from recycled car parts and over the last 40 years we have recycled 150,000 tons of car parts, which is the same as removing 100,000 midsized automobiles from the landfill.

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