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ladies & gentlemen studio products By Alissa Ponchione 1 2 CREATIVE AFFAIR Global sensibilities unite a design pair You could say it was love at first sight for Dylan Davis and Jean Lee. Both fell in love with industrial design at the University of Washington in Seattle, where they worked closely together on class projects, and then they fell in love with each other. Their initial attraction: work ethic. But it was also a mutual admiration of style, sensibility, and a strong worldview. Studying abroad in Italy for several months revealed new ways of looking at design-even life, Davis explains. But after graduation, when they were working other design jobs (Lee at a softgoods company and Davis for a kitchen manufacturer), they both found themselves professionally unfulfilled, desiring a more creative outlet. What seemed like a pipe dream-opening a small independent design studio inspired by Italian artisans-soon became a reality. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio officially launched its own collection in 2010. Given that their childhoods were laced profile Photography courtesy of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio 3 with creativity, it's unsurprising that they both ended up as makers. Davis was a master builder from a young age with a penchant for Legos and deconstructing and reconstructing his toys, while Lee "was a wizard at the classic '90s cool kid crafts," says Davis, weaving friendship bracelets, manipulating wires into sculptures, and making her own jewelry, crochet bags, and hats. "The combination of creativity and practicality made product design an obvious direction for each of us," he adds. The duo translates that childlike wonder into their work, "playing with materials like kids playing with building blocks," Lee explains. Ideas come from anywhere- from their travels and vintage books to the materials themselves, which they often mix together to get the right colors, texture, and weight. "The looser and more serendipitous this process, the better," she says. Each piece is an amalgamation of influences, calling upon the "understated perfectionism in Japan, the simple cleverness of Scandinavian style, and the playful expressiveness of the Italians," Lee says. In the Kazimir light, for example, various types of architectural glass surfaces with different shapes "create unexpected 1. Kazimir, a chandelier made of various types of architectural glass, engages through its changing composition. 2. With its geometric shapes, the playful symmetry of Shape Up for Roll & Hill creates a dynamic spatial harmony. 3. Davis and Lee met at the University of Washington in Seattle, officially launching Ladies & Gentlemen Studio in 2010. visual effects where the surfaces overlap," Davis says, adding that the composition changes when it's viewed from different angles. And last year, the company designed a collection of vintage-inspired chandeliers for Seattle's Palladian hotel, working with the owners and designer Nicole Hollis to craft fixtures to complement the property's contemporary-classic d├ęcor. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, born in the Pacific Northwest, has recently taken on a new adventure-trading in the Puget Sound for the East River in Brooklyn, New York's Red Hook neighborhood. The goal is simple: to "experience a new environment and culture," Davis explains. hd lad i esand gent lemenst u di August 2015 073

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Hospitality Design - August 2015