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projects lago back to the future An Italian movement sparks a Vegas design For Lago at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, a new concept by James Beard Award-winning Spanish chef Julian Serrano that marries traditional Italian food with tapas-style portions, Toronto-based Studio Munge wanted to make sure it was anything but typical. "Does Las Vegas need another Italian restaurant? Not really," says firm principal Alessandro Munge, who has designed a number of MGM venues over the last decade. "What else can you do to elevate the experience for that type of eating?" By KATHLEEN KERVIN Photography by EVAN DION He turned to Futurism, the artistic and social movement popularized by a group of artists and writers in early 20th-century Italy that celebrated industrial progress and modernization. To embody that aesthetic, he and his team started by looking at the narrative of the Bellagio itself. "It is very Italian, very thematically Tuscan-like with neoclassical architecture," Munge explains. To contrast, the façade features an abstract interpretation of a map of Milan made from colorful backlit glass panels behind a 1. A conceptual map of Milan's streets adorns Lago's façade, made from colorful backlit glass panels behind a metal screen. 2. A large-scale, vibrant abstract print floats an inch from the wall in the front lounge area. 3. Custom lights above light blue barstools appear to drip down.

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Hospitality Design - October 2015
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Hospitality Design - October 2015