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perspectives 5 questions for john simeonidis Co-founder and Chief Branding Officer Bareburger New York 1 You have opened 27 Bareburger locations in North America since 2009 (with more to come in Dubai, Tokyo, and Frankfurt). How did the idea come about? Bareburger was born from a 'failing' idea. Euripides [Pelekanos] and I had opened Sputnik in 2002 [in Brooklyn], but by 2008 we had come to terms with what Sputnik had become: a 5,000-square-foot venue where people could see a classic hip-hop performance and grab a great burger. We took what worked at Sputnik (our organic burgers), developed a cohesive concept, and opened our first restaurant in 2009 in our hometown of Queens, New York. We wrapped up the kitchen and all-natural menu in a sustainably built restaurant. 2 Design-wise, how do you want each space to feel? 3 And you help with the creative in spite of being colorblind? 4 What opening are you most excited about and why? 5 Healthier, and better-looking, fast-casual restaurants have exploded recently. What do you think diners are looking for today? I come from a large family where dinner was always eaten in a basement kitchen-at 6 p.m. sharp. Dinnertime always felt comfortable. I try to evoke that same comfort through our designs. I have a goal that no two stores will be identical- familiar but definitely not the same. Most recently I took the approach of using a lot of gray, a color I am familiar with, for our walls, ceilings, and upholstered furniture. Then I took a page from Jackson Pollock and splattered bright colors (no, I don't know what they specifically are) throughout the restaurants in the form of frames, artwork, chairs, and lampshades. I'll leave whether it's challenged me or helped me up to those who care to critique the spaces. I'm just excited that someone's looking. I've been working on a Bareburger that is slated to open later this year in Plainview, New York. It's been an interesting process: 11 used shipping containers stacked two stories tall. The interior will have the familiar design elements but the guest experience will be unique. I eat out quite a bit. Like everyone else, I'm looking for a value that is not determined by a number. Value is a cumulative notion, and people want to be wowed not only by the food and the service but also by their interactions with the space itself.

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