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When Ted Ukrop, a Richmond,
Virginia businessman, and his wife Katie,
an art gallery owner, looked to add the title
of hotelier to their résumés, they needed
to search no further than a building they
already owned-a 100-year-old former
department store in the city's gentrifying
arts district. "The building spoke to us," says
Katie. "We always thought it would make a
great hotel."
Inspired by their frequent travels and
stays in boutique hotels (San Francisco's
Hotel Monaco was a particular favorite),
with the 74-room Quirk Hotel, they sought
to create something intimate, charming,
and, most especially, art-infused, as an
appropriate companion to their nearby
gallery, also named Quirk.
To adapt the hotel's architecture, they
turned to locally based 3north, and for its
interiors to Poesis, another husband-andwife team (and social friends of the Ukrops)
based in Lakeville, Connecticut and New
"We've been coming to Richmond
for years," says Poesis' Pilar Proffitt (her
husband Robert Bristow is a native), "and
noticing the major changes in the city. Its
energy and youthfulness and the explosion
of the art scene have been amazing. We tried
to capture all of that, as well as combining


January/February 2016


the historic and the modern." And, she
adds, they capitalized on the two married
couples working together by bringing a
masculine-feminine dynamic to much of
the design, such as the color scheme of the
guestrooms-pink and gray, with touches of
white, black, and walnut.

Quirk, a Destination Hotel, honors the
past by preserving the building's historic
structure and some lobby components,
including a 14-foot-tall vaulted ceiling and
striking ironwork staircase, which offer a
dramatic contrast to the colorful, modern
furnishings. The existing wood floors were

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