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Photo by Jane Beiles kevin o'shea Founder and Creative Director Salt Hotels Provincetown, Massachusetts Growing up in Denver, I was into cooking and wanted to attend culinary school. However, I did redecorate my bedroom every few months, crafting all sorts of crazy things like homemade furniture and hand-drawn wallpapers. My parents built a house when I was 8 years old, and I was enthralled with the whole process. I tried to wiggle my way into the meetings where they were selecting finishes, and I was quite opinionated on which counters they should pick. I spent hours building floorplans with Legos based off the sales packets from the development. My first job in hospitality was as a banquet server at age 16-it was transformative. I A Salt House Inn bedroom 100 June 2016 An Eben House guestroom

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Hospitality Design - June 2016
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Hospitality Design - June 2016