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hand mirrors & storage boxes MIRRORS A A. HAND MIRRORS • Show patients their treatment needs and clean smiles UP TO 10% • Metal Hand Mirror: Anodized aluminum handle with chrome back • Oak Hand Mirror: Beveled glass mirror inside smooth handcrafted handle • Acrylic 2-Sided Hand Mirror: Up to 2.5X magnifying with plain glass sides and polished handle Item # Description Qty. Price 1. (367-8413-P7) Metal, 41⁄2"D EA $19.99 2. (367-5897-P7) Acrylic 2-Sided, 5"D EA $8.99 3. (367-5927-P7) Oak, 5"D Round EA $31.99 4. (367-7501-P7) Oak, 4"W x 6"H Oval EA $31.99 SAVE 1 2 3 4 B. TOOTH HAND MIRROR B • Great-looking, clear acrylic hand mirror cleans easily • Available in 3 different designs. Size: 10"H Item # Description 1. (366-0511-P7) Smile Braces Mirror 2. (366-2079-P7) Smile Tooth Mirror 3. (366-7767-P7) Plain SAVE $2.00 Qty. EA EA EA $22.99 $22.99 $21.99 Price UP TO $2.00 SAVE 1 2 3 C. MOLAR HAND MIRRORS • Tooth-shaped hand mirror with beveled glass mirror • Oak Hand Mirror: Handcrafted and matte finish with beveled glass • White Plastic Hand Mirror: HDPE plastic construction, plain glass mirror Item # Description Qty. Price (367-8659-P7) Oak, 5”D EA $38.99 (367-9575-P7) White Plastic, 5”D EA $24.99 C MODEL STORAGE BOXES MODEL STORAGE BOXES • Sturdy cardboard boxes have a kraft-reinforced surface • Available in 3 different colors: Green, Blue, and White • Single Size: 31⁄2"W x 23⁄4"H x 33⁄4"L, Double Size: 53⁄4"W x 23⁄4"H x 33⁄4"L Item # Description SINGLE MODEL BOXES (367-1033-P7) White (367-1034-P7) Green (367-1035-P7) Blue Item # Description DOUBLE MODEL BOXES (367-1036-P7) White (367-1037-P7) Green (367-1038-P7) Blue Qty. 100/PK 1. Double Box 2. Quadruple Box $29.99 $27.99 $25.99 Price 2@ 4@ CORRUGATED MODEL MAILING BOXES • Use to mail dental models and impressions • Made of strong 200 Lb. corrugated cardboard • Use ID labels or write directly on the box; boxes are shipped flat • Double Model Box Size: 53⁄4"W x 23⁄4"H x 33⁄4"L • Quadruple Model Box: 123⁄4"W x 23⁄4"H x 33⁄4"L Item # Description 1. (367-1039-P7) Double Model Box 2. (367-1040-P7) Quadruple Model Box Qty. 24/PK 24/PK Qty. 100/PK $45.99 $43.99 $41.99 Price 2@ 4@ $19.99 $18.99 $16.99 $24.99 $23.99 $21.99 Price 2@ 4@ 2-SET & 4-SET MODEL BOXES • Low-cost boxes may be stacked, mixed, and matched for a most flexible storage system • Access models by sliding them out of their surrounding sleeve, drawer-style • Compartments measure 17⁄8"H x 23⁄4"W x 33⁄8"L inside; boxes shipped flat Item # Description (367-6131-P7) 2-Set, 2"H x 11"L x 31⁄2"W (367-7683-P7) 4-Set, 2"H x 11"L x 7"W Qty. 50/BX 50/BX SAVE $1.00 MODEL BOX LABELS $65.99 $87.99 Price • Labels are preprinted and pressure-sensitive, size: 2"W x 31⁄4"H Item # (367-1042-P7) Description Black Ink Labels Qty. 100/PK $9.99 Price 12 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Dental Front Office Source - October 2011
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Dental Front Office Source - October 2011