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file cabinets Rotary Files SAVE Time, MONEY & Space! Up To $125 SAVE Cut-away View of Rotary File Cabinet Locking Open Revolving Add-on Unit Item # 3-Tier (367-0405-P7) (367-0406-P7) 4-Tier (367-0407-P7) (367-0409-P7) 5-Tier (367-0410-P7) (367-0411-P7) 6-Tier (367-3032-P7) (367-8707-P7) 7-Tier (367-8879-P7) (367-0103-P7) Accessories (367-9579-P7) Description 3-Tier Starter, 144 L.F.I., 361⁄2”W x 413⁄4”H x 25”D 3-Tier Add-On, 144 L.F.I., 303⁄4”W x 413⁄4”H x 25”D 4-Tier Starter, 192 L.F.I., 361⁄2”W x 483⁄4”H x 25”D 4-Tier Add-On, 192 L.F.I., 303⁄4”W x 483⁄4”H x 25”D 5-Tier Starter, 240 L.F.I., 361⁄2”W x 61”H x 25”D 5-Tier Add-On, 240 L.F.I. 303⁄4”W x 61”H x 25”D 6-Tier Starter, 288 L.F.I., 361⁄2”W x 72”H x 25”D 6-Tier Add-On, 288 L.F.I. 303⁄4”W x 72”H x 25”D 7-Tier Starter, 336 L.F.I., 361⁄2”W x 82”H x 25”D 7-Tier Add-On, 336 L.F.I. 303⁄4”W x 82”H x 25”D Shelf Dividers Secure The Ez2® Rotary Action File saves time, space, and money. The innovative design of the Ez2® includes a double-sided, 360° rotating shelf unit that houses more than twice the files in less space than a traditional filing system, while still providing fast and easy access to stored materials. Files are accessible from both sides of the unit for multi-user accessibility, and when closed, the unit locks (2 keys provided) for total security and privacy, meeting HIPAA regulations. Each shelf comes with 2 dividers and adjusts in 1” increments. • Shelf: Each shelf has a capacity of 24 linear filing inches. • Divider: Each opening or tier section includes 2 adjustable file dividers, which can be positioned on 1” centers along the entire shelf length. Additional dividers are available; use item 367-4136. • Color: Choose from 16 designer colors shown below. Sample paint chips to match existing units and décor are available; please inquire. • Assembly: The entire unit ships pre-assembled. Please allow an additional 6” of depth between the unit and the wall to allow for rotation. Leveling is required once unit is unpackaged. Easy-to-understand instructions are available; please inquire. • Freight & Delivery: Charges based on delivery location and weight will be quoted at time of order. Please specify preferences: Inside or street delivery, and whether a call to schedule delivery time is needed. Units will ship in 7–10 business days plus delivery time. DATUM ® EZ2 ROTARY ACTION FILE ® Qty. EA EA Price $1,274.99 $1,074.99 $1,424.99 $1,269.99 $1,459.99 $1,294.99 $1,609.99 $1,479.99 $1,864.99 $1,864.99 $14.99 EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA Sage T29 Tan Metallic T56 Light Gray T47 Soft White T46 Slate Blue T41 Light Gray Metallic T34 Dove Gray T12 Bone White (Putty) T15 Burgundy T17 Med. Gray Metallic T23 Gray Mist T86 Ivoryl T48 Tech Blue T42 Dark Gray Metallic T45 Warm Brown T22 Black T25 5/PK If you know the total number of charts your practice has, you should calculate the average number of files per inch. To do this, start by compiling a 10” high stack of charts and then counting the total number of individual files included in the 10” stack. Then, divide that total by 10. Then, divide the result into the total number of files in your current system, which will provide you with the present amount of Linear Filing Inches needed in the shelving unit you select. 14 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Dental Front Office Source - October 2011
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Dental Front Office Source - October 2011