Religion 2017-2018 - 3

The Crucible of Islam
G. W. Bowersock
"Part of the joy of reading this account of the background and
emergence of early Islam is the knowledge that Bowersock has
built it from solid stones, the weight of every one of which he
has tested with his own critical mind. Secure that we are in the
hands of a master, let us think about the implications of the
substantial gains to scholarship that Bowersock has brought
us in this compressed masterpiece."
-Peter Brown, New York Review of Books
2017 5 halftones, 2 maps 240 pp. $25.00 * £18.95 cloth 9780674057760

Before Orthodoxy

The Satanic Verses in Early Islam
Shahab Ahmed

"[Ahmed] offers the most systematic, critical study of an
especially important tradition from early Islamic history,
the so-called incident of the Satanic verses."
-S. J. Shoemaker, Choice

A Global Intellectual History
Cemil Aydin
H A Washington Post/Monkey Cage

"A valuable piece of in-depth scholarship on the formation
of the early Islamic community and its discourses about
Muslim beliefs and practices."
-Publishers Weekly
2017 352 pp. $49.95 * £39.95 cloth 9780674047426

City on a Hilltop

American Jews and the Israeli Settler Movement
Sara Yael Hirschhorn

blog "Middle East Politics Summer
Reading Picks" selection

"[A] timely book...It is here that
Aydin's book proves so valuable:
by revealing how the racial,
civilizational, and political biases
that emerged in the nineteenth
century shape contemporary
visions of the Muslim world,
within and beyond it."
-Anver M. Emon and

"Hirschhorn has written an important book on Jewish American
settlers in Israel."
-J. Fischel, Choice
"In vivid, approachable, yet deeply informative prose, City on
a Hilltop zeroes in on the diverse personalities behind the
phenomenon of the 'American settler'...But what is perhaps
most fascinating in the work is Hirschhorn's examination of the
settlers' motivations in leaving the comforts of the United States
for the undeveloped and often hostile territory of post-1967
Greater Israel."
-Amanda Borschel-Dan, Times of Israel
2017 9 halftones, 2 maps 368 pp. $39.95 * £31.95 cloth 9780674975057

800-405-1619 (US only)

The Idea of the
Muslim World

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins,
Foreign Affairs
"Thoughtful and provocative...
This is a carefully argued book
that will provoke specialists and
nonspecialists alike to revisit
commonly held assumptions about
the nature of relations between
'Islam and the West' in the past,
present, and future."
-Asma Afsaruddin,
Chronicle of Higher Education
2017 304 pp.
$29.95 * £23.95 cloth

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