Religion 2017-2018 - 6

Jewish Messiahs in a Christian Empire
A History of the Book of Zerubbabel
Martha Himmelfarb

"We can only welcome an
undertaking like the Murty
Classical Library of India,

"In the process of analyzing the most famous and detailed medieval
Jewish apocalypse work and unraveling its many puzzles, Himmelfarb
develops a striking new account of the history of Jewish messianism
from the Bible to the Middle Ages. This book is groundbreaking and
innovative, opening the way for a whole new era in the study of postChristian Judaism."
-Annette Yoshiko Reed, University of Pennsylvania
2017 232 pp. $39.95 * £31.95 cloth 9780674057623

which intends to inject
fresh blood directly into
the circulatory system of
the English language. Any
intelligent reader cannot fail
to be favorably impressed
in the presence of the
variegated offerings of the
series' first titles."
-Roberto Calasso,
New York Review of Books
"The Murty Classical Library
is uncovering India's
dazzling literary history...
It illuminates lost things,
brings back to recognition
texts that were once crucial."
-Neel Mukherjee,
New Statesman
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Afghanistan Rising

Islamic Law and Statecraft between the Ottoman and British Empires
Faiz Ahmed
"Afghanistan Rising uncovers the lost history behind the first constitution of Afghanistan and that country's evolution into a modern Islamic
state. Ahmed provides highly original insights into Muslim legal
history, modernization in non-European contexts, and transnational
Muslim networks...This is a well-crafted, theoretically rich, tightly
argued, and rigorously executed book."
-M. Şükrü Hanioğlu, author of
A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire
2017 25 halftones, 5 maps, 1 chart, 2 tables 448 pp.
$49.95 * £39.95 cloth 9780674971943

Sea of the Caliphs

The Mediterranean in the Medieval Islamic World
Christophe Picard
Translated by Nicholas Elliott

"In Sea of the Caliphs, Picard shows that the Mediterranean, long
considered marginal to Islam, even reduced to a clichéd playground
for pirates, was in reality a major site for the development of Muslim
societies between the seventh and twelfth centuries. He recasts the
traditional view of Fernand Braudel by making Islam the dominant
actor in this space for several centuries, not only as a military power
but also as a commercial and intellectual force."
-Le Monde
Belknap Press 2018 2 halftones, 8 maps 314 pp.
$35.00 * £27.95 cloth 9780674660465

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