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Intermodal Marketing Association IANA, 25 Years and Counting Under the banner, "Looking Back, Moving Forward," IANA this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Insights will commemorate the Association's November 1991 founding with a series of interviews throughout the year. The retrospective begins by tracing the Association's origins in three separate organizations. Railroad Piggyback Association. The new organization thrived, and in 1976, expanded its scope to include containers and renamed itself the National Railroad Intermodal Association. A significant legacy of the Association is the Silver Kingpin Award. National Railroad Intermodal Association The Equipment Interchange Association was founded within the American Trucking Associations in the late 1950s. Its charge was to facilitate the interchange of trailers between trucking companies at a time when most trucking companies were regional. In 1961, EIA divested itself of ATA and, as containerization thrived, steamship lines began to use it for their container interchange agreements with motor carriers. By 1973, the agreement had evolved into what may be EIA's most important legacy, the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement. In 1979, EIA formed an ad hoc committee to examine how it could expand the intermodal concept and recommended that a broader intermodal organization be formed to supplement EIA. In April 1981, the newly-formed Intermodal Transportation Association held its first meeting. In 1985, the new ITA assumed the administration of the UIIA. In the mid-1950s there were few places for intermodal pioneers to meet and exchange ideas. Interchange traffic had become an increasingly important part of railroad business and it became evident that a national organization was needed to foster this new industry segment. The Association of American Railroads tried to fill the void in 1955 when its Operations and Maintenance Department established a Committee on Motor Transportation, Freight Section. But by the early 1960s, early intermodalists expressed a need for a broader scale organization where they could meet regularly to share ideas and collaborate to solve mutual problems. In 1963, several Class I railroad representatives met to formalize this need for a national association of intermodal operations specialists and equipment manufacturers. The result was the formation of the National Intermodal Transportation Association New Committee Leadership Jordan Hunt, director of corporate operations at the ContainerPort Group, joins Joey Frederick, president of Frederick Intermodal, as vice chairman of IANA's Maintenance & Repair Committee. Cliff Creech remains the committee chair. IANA thanks outgoing vice chair Jason Zimmerman for his service. On IANA's Operations Committee, Kevin Lhotak, president of Reliable Transportation Specialists, Inc., has replaced Val Noel as chairman. David Eckles, vice president for container operations & terminal services at Ports America, and Wilby Whitt, president of CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc., have been appointed vice chairmen, replacing Russ Graef and Jeff Grahovec. IANA thanks Graef, Grahovec and Noel for their service. Shippers' associations and shippers' agents were being impacted by regulatory issues in the 1960s. As piggyback grew, a new type of shippers' agent emerged that matched trailers in TOFC service under rail tariffs. By 1960, motor carriers and freight forwarders began to challenge the legality of these agents, and over 30 cases were filed in Federal court and the Interstate Commerce Commission. Both groups felt there was a need to establish a trade association to defend themselves and set standards. In 1961, the American Institute for Shippers' Associations was founded. As the cases progressed, shippers' agents believed their problems were unique and the National Association of Shipper Agents was formed in 1968. By the mid-1980s, shippers' agents thrived as the role of freight forwarders IANA Welcomes New Director of Education Hal Pollard has joined IANA to lead and expand the Association's educational program efforts. In creating the Director of Education position, the IANA Board recognized IANA's longtime goal and commitment of being in the forefront of intermodal industry issues and fostering its members' professional development. Hal brings to IANA deep program and product development experience across a range of technical fields. His expertise includes educational design and delivery, learning methods and user-centric technologies. April 2016 | Intermodal Insights 3

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Insights - April 2016
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Insights - April 2016