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Sustainability - from page 4 thousands of tons of air pollutants in 2015, they received financial rewards. The port's Green Flag Program offers financial rewards for ships that reduce their speed near the harbor to decrease emissions. The program was initiated 11 years ago as part of Long Beach's Green Port Policy. It gives participants a Green Flag to celebrate their environmental accomplishments and provides dockage rate breaks to shipping lines slowing to 12 knots or less within 20 or 40 nautical miles of the port. In 2015, 154 vessel operators met or exceeded the program's required 90 percent participation rate at either 20 or 40 nautical miles. As a result of the port's sustainability efforts, diesel particulates are down 85 percent, smog-forming sulfur oxides are down 97 percent, nitrogen oxides are down 50 percent and greenhouse gases are down 21 percent. State Legislative Update Bills addressing proper classification of truck drivers and/or related issues, such as unemployment compensation law exemption, are active in at least six states. See chart. In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe approved H.B.186 on March 1. The bill extends the expiration date of tax credits for international trade facilities, barge and rail usage, and Virginia port volume increases. The expiration moves from Jan. 1, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2022. S.B. 1468, a measure that authorizes local tax on storage of empty shipping containers has advanced in New Jersey. At the same time, a bill outlawing indemnity agreements in motor carrier transportation contracts has moved forward in Rhode Island (S.B. 2223). Also, a bill facilitating larger loads on trucks has advanced in Illinois (H.B. 5688). Find complete information on the status of state legislation impacting intermodal freight transportation at issues/legislative.php. State Bill Number(s) of Active Driver Classification Measures Georgia S.B. 393 Indiana S.B. 400 Missouri H.B. 1756 New Jersey S.B. 800, S.B. 121 Vermont H.B. 773, S.B. 211 Washington H.B. 1519 It's all about access for Curtis Foltz, Executive Director of Georgia Ports Authority and Board Member for the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver (DTI). Whether it's a passageway in the deepwater ports of Savannah and Brunswick, or a path to success for students at DTI, Curtis helps people find their way. Find your gateway to more transportation and leadership knowledge at DTI. Learn more at IANA partial scholarships may also help provide access to the executive Master of Science in Transportation Management. Inspiring Transportation Solutions April 2016 | Intermodal Insights 7

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Insights - April 2016
FMCSA Proposes New “High Risk” Definition
ITC Makes Initial Affirmative Determination
New CDL Training Requirements Proposed
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Insights - April 2016