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EXPO 2016 Education Session Descriptions Intermodal FREIGHTCAST Intermodal EXPO kicks off with our annual in-depth review of the industry's recent performance, future prospects and key trends, including: the impact of the energy prices, rail service gains, liner challenges and truckload competition. Intermodal Service: The Voice of the Customer Shippers and IMCs will share their insights and strategies for making the most of the intermodal network. Wheeled to Grounded: Optimizing Intermodal Facilities This session explores the pros and cons of grounded operations and the challenges in converting existing facilities. Looking Back, Moving Forward: Intermodal Lessons Learned from Industry Veterans Hear from industry veterans who have devoted their careers to freight/intermodal transportation, on what they have learned and what they feel the future holds. Intermodal Legislative & Regulatory Report This session brings you up to speed on the latest developments with regard to the FAST Act, CSA, coercion rule impacts, ELDs, container and highway weight regulations and more. Road Ready Equipment: The Holy Grail Join in the dialogue to help IANA's Operations Committee's Road Ready Chassis Task Force move the issue of road ready equipment toward resolution. Calming the Seas: Challenges in Liner Shipping and What It Means for the Rest of the Intermodal Supply Chain Our panel of industry players examines the effects of increased vessel size across the complex intermodal supply chain from shipside to consignee. EXPO Academic Challenge: Annual Student Competition Now in its 6th year, the EXPO's Academic Challenge allows supply chain, logistics and transportation students from IANA's scholarship schools to present their solutions to real-world intermodal issues. Merger Mania: Can Small 3PLs Survive? This session looks at the current state of industry consolidation among 3PLs and how mega logistics deals impact IMCs, brokers, 3PLs and NVOCCs and other intermodal stakeholders. Major OTR Capacity Shortages: Will Intermodal Be Ready? If the truck capacity shortage comes to pass will intermodal be ready for the surge, or will it fall victim to the same problems as over-the-road truckers? Join the discussion. Intermodal Performance Metrics: What's Available? This panel of industry leaders explores what the key performance indicators are for the intermodal supply chain and discusses what IANA should benchmark and track on behalf of the industry. High Service: The Rise of E-Commerce and the Future of Expedited Intermodal What must intermodal do to remain in the fast growing e-commerce game? Our panel will examine this important issue from a variety of angles to determine the answers. Selecting the Right Partners This panel of CSA and modal selection experts will walk you through the steps you need to be taking to remain focused on proper due diligence before, during and after carrier engagement and use. Drayage Drivers: The Face of the Industry Intermodal drivers are the essential link in the global and domestic supply chains, providing the first and last mile service for every load. What are some of the more successful efforts in use by motor carriers to recruit and retain drivers? The Growth Imperative: How Can Intermodal Regain Its Growth Mojo? This session will look at the underlying economics, as well as the macro trends driving the intermodal business. Safety at Intermodal Terminals IANA's Standard Industry Safety Rules and Procedures at Intermodal Facilities Task Force will share the toolkit and materials they have developed to improve situational awareness for draymen regarding the safety conditions in terminals, yards, and depots. July 2016 | Intermodal Insights 19

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Insights - July 2016
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Insights - July 2016