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tion being submitted that could potentially impact the insured motor carrier's ability to interchange equipment with UIIA equipment providers. This submission redesign is a positive step in moving towards a paperless environment. By October 2016, all agents reporting information on behalf of UIIA motor carriers will be required to register as an authorized insurance representative in the UIIA database, and all insurance information will be submitted online. Webinars will be conducted ahead of the October deadline to ensure that agents are prepared for the new online insurance submission requirements. In the meantime, insurance agents are encouraged to go to in order to register to submit insurance online. IANA Projects Move Forward IANA has several new information services projects currently in its development pipeline. All concepts for new services or major enhancements to existing programs are reviewed and approved by IANA's Board of Directors Technology Subcommittee. Current projects under consideration and/or development include: * * Street Interchange Web Portal - An industry web application and Application Program Interface that provides a standard method to validate and document motor carrier to motor carrier equipment interchanges under the UIIA program. The system will facilitate the transfer of liability/indemnification and damage between the motor carriers that are performing the street interchanges under the UIIA. The web portal will be available for users in early July. See related feature article in this edition, on page 11. Gate Control Application - This service will augment the UIIA Terminal Feed Service to validate both the container and chassis interchange status for UIIA motor carriers and equipment providers. In addition, the gate control system will support pre-authorization of the motor carrier interchange status for both the container EP and chassis EP prior to arrival at the facility. A prototype of * this service is expected to be ready for testing by the end of September. Enhancements to IANA's DVER program - The current Driver Vehicle Examination Reporting System will be expanded to connect and enable information flows between IEPs, motor carriers and State/Federal enforcement personnel. In addition, reporting features will be enhanced to allow the benchmarking of violation metrics for all parties. The expanded functionalities within the DVER application are expected to be available for testing by the end of August. Information Services - continued on page 7 Inspection Metrics Report Reporting at May's Maintenance & Repair Committee meeting on FMCSA inspection metrics for intermodal equipment, Stephen Keppler, senior vice president of IANA, noted that chassis inspections increased 18 percent from 2014 to 2015 in absolute terms, but the percentage of violations per inspection decreased during that same period. This represented the first time since IANA has been conducting the analysis that the percentage of violations per inspection dropped below 50 percent, he said. In 2015, there were 22,377 level 1 and level 5 inspections, Keppler pointed out. California accounted for 56 percent of inspections, increasing the number to 12,467 in 2015 vs. 8,578 in 2014. That 46 percent increase in inspections in California had a significant impact on total inspections across the U.S. Similarly, chassis inspections with an out-of-service violation increased in absolute numbers - up from 3,672 in 2014 to 4,334 in 2015 - but once more the out-of-service violation rate per inspection dropped. In this case, the out-of-service violation rate went from 20.18 percent in 2014 to 19.37 percent in 2015. Lights, brakes and tires continued to top the list of chassis out-of-service violations. Keppler indicated that seven of the top 10 OOS violations were related to brakes. With regards to the other "Top 10" OOS violations, inoperative lights represented the number one OOS defect; flat tires was number three; and axle positioning parts was number four. Tractor OOS violations also dropped from 17.27 percent to 17.02 percent, which continues a gradual decline that began in 2010. Here again, brakes made up seven of the top 10 OOS violations, with tires, steering and axle positioning parts making up the other three. For driver OOS violations, six of the top 10 were hours-of-service related, with the top OOS violation being failure to maintain previous seven days' records of duty status. Three of the top 10 driver OOS violations were CDLrelated, with the other being operating without corrective lenses. Suggestions for further consideration by IANA include developing educational products around the most common components, systems and violations. A second recommendation Keppler presented was the development of training seminars around those same topics of common components, systems and violations. A third was development of a web-based assessment tool to identify areas of potential weakness in employee knowledge which could lead to additional training. Cliff Creech, manager of intermodal contracts and budget for Norfolk Southern and M&R Committee chairman, suggested one way IANA members could use the FMCSA metrics is to compare their own individual company performance against the national statistics as presented. Similar comparisons could also be performed on a state-by-state basis to identify areas for improvement. Further discussion and prioritization of potential next steps will take place within the M&R and Operations Committees. July 2016 | Intermodal Insights 5

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