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leased those vehicles back to May pursuant to an Independent Contractor Agreement. The ALJ concluded that the ICA failed as a lease under the exemption statute for three reasons. First, the ALJ found that the lease "lacked a definite duration." The ICA provided that it terminated when either party gave 30 days written notice, or immediately upon the owner-operator's breach. The Court of Appeals adopted May's argument that a lease was not required to state an end date, as long as "the circumstances under which the lease terminates" could be determined. Under Oregon law, "a lease or personal property that does not state a specific duration is construed to be terminable at will." Next, the ALJ found that "the [ICA] failed because of an absence of consideration for the use of the equipment" on the grounds that the leased "did not allocate remuneration specifically for May's use of the vehicle or for the truck's 'idle time.'" But, as the Court of Appeals noted, it had previously rejected that reasoning - in the Market Transport case - and rejected it again here. Third, the ALJ concluded that May did not show that owner-operators personally maintained their vehicles. The ICA required the owner-operators to maintain their vehicles, but since they frequently used May's maintenance facilities and only "nominally" paid for services there, the ALJ concluded that the owner-operators did not "personally perform them." The Court of Appeals held that the ALJ erred because "a contractor with financial responsibility under an agreement for the maintenance of equipment, and the freedom under an agreement to select a third party to perform maintenance, satisfies the requirement for personally performing the maintenance under [the statute]." Sustainability News New Orleans Mounts Clean Truck Program The Port of New Orleans has initiated a Clean Truck Replacement Program that will allow 20 drayage carriers to replace older Class 8 trucks with newer models. The program offers to pay 50 percent of the cost to replace trucks from the 1993 to 2006 model years with 2012, or newer, units. Fleets that serve cargo terminals and warehouses along the Mississippi River and the Industrial Canal can apply. The program can provide up to $35,000 per truck, with a maximum of two units per company. Applications are due by Oct. 12. If more than 20 applications are received, the port plans a lottery to decide who receives the vehicles. executive master's degree in transportation management Real-World Management Content Six Residencies Over 18 Months Powerful Networking Attend While Working Full-Time PREPARING THE NEXT GENERATION OF TRANSPORTATION LEADERS Take the next step on your career path at 14 Intermodal Insights | October 2016

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Insights - October 2016
Commerce Responds on Chinese Truck Tires
NVOs Granted Protection Under Hanjin Protocol
At EXPO IANA Celebrates Growth Amid Challenges
2017 Board of Directors Election
Changes Proposed to IANA Bylaws
UW–Superior Lives Up to Its Name at EXPO
Hertwig Presented with the 2016 Silver Kingpin Award
Oregon Cases Offer Lessons for Use of Owner-Operators
Sustainability News
Freight Reports
Port News
People in the News
2016 Sponsors
DOT Issues Policy on “Automated” Vehicles
IANA Member Webinar: A Close Look at IMTS
In Brief
Welcome New Members
Intermodal Calendar
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Insights - October 2016 - NVOs Granted Protection Under Hanjin Protocol
Insights - October 2016 - Changes Proposed to IANA Bylaws
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Insights - October 2016 - UW–Superior Lives Up to Its Name at EXPO
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Insights - October 2016 - Oregon Cases Offer Lessons for Use of Owner-Operators
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Insights - October 2016 - Sustainability News
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Insights - October 2016 - 2016 Sponsors
Insights - October 2016 - IANA Member Webinar: A Close Look at IMTS
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Insights - October 2016 - In Brief
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Insights - October 2016 - Welcome New Members
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Insights - October 2016 - Intermodal Calendar