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Challenges exist inside terminals,
he said, which are being addressed by
investments in larger cranes, straddle
carriers and greater use of technology
to improve visibility as well as more
holistic use of equipment.
"We have a real commitment
to trucking on turn times," Perdue
said. "We are doing a lot of upgrade
technology at gates. At all major
terminals we have almost completed
work on appointment systems. We are
doing better traffic control, preplanning and staging."
One step being taken is a total production maintenance plan
for yard tractors and cargo handling equipment to make service
more predictable and prevent breakdowns.

Individual Ports' Throughput Investments
In the Port of New York and New Jersey, the Port Newark
Container Terminal is installing a gate system that is intended
to cut truckers' terminal time by 25 percent. It's part of a $500
million upgrade extending until 2030 that was facilitated in part
by bonds issued by the state of New Jersey. Other steps in the
program include adding three super Panamax cranes, doubling
on-dock rail capacity and adding cargo handling equipment.
Other ports, such as the Port of Virginia, have also been
receiving the latest container handling equipment available,
including six rail-mounted gantry cranes and eight shuttle
trucks to enhance terminal operations.
At the Georgia Ports Authority, investments to increase
capacity and throughput by adding truck gates, cranes and
a PIN system that allows motor carriers to provide pickup
and delivery information to drivers, facilitated a 23 percent
increase in TEUs over three years between 2014 and 2017.
More enhancements are in progress, including additional gates
and a direct trucking link to I-95. On-dock rail lift capacity is set
to double with the linking of two rail yards and construction of
18.5 miles of new track over a three-year period.
"Maintaining infrastructure throughout the terminal and
gate complex ahead of demand will ensure our ability to
grow along with customer needs," Chief Operating Officer Ed
McCarthy said.

Ed DeNike, president, SSA
Containers, outlined a wide range
of advancements that have been
implemented to move trucks more
efficiently through marine terminals,
including improved technology
at ingates and outgates to speed
drivers' trips. Effective use of available
technology has reduced truckers' total
terminal time by 40 percent.
Another important move by SSA
was changing longshore gang sizes so
that break times and lunch periods are staggered. That allows
the terminal to keep working steadily instead of stopping altogether during those times. Hours have been extended as well.
"We have a battery of people doing repairs," he said,
including 30 to 50 mechanics at some terminals whose sole job
is fixing chassis. "It's become very rare that truckers will get a
chassis and will have to go to roadability [lines]," he said.

FMCSA Involvement
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been
active to ensure improved equipment condition, spokesman
Duane DeBruyne told Insights, including roadability reviews
and driver vehicle examinations to verify chassis condition
and regulatory compliance. As a result, out-of-service rates on
chassis after inspections have been reduced.
"FMCSA has been working with stakeholders, including
IEPs, motor carriers, drivers, trade unions and third-party repair
facilities to educate and inform industry of the importance of
ensuring equipment is safe and systematically maintained,"
DeBruyne said. "The DVIR process is an important tool."
In Southern California, Harbor Trucking Association
Executive Director Weston LaBar said there are definite
indications that terminal throughput is being helped by
equipment condition. That includes both an influx of new
equipment and fewer red-tagged older chassis.
On the West Coast, the average turn time at the Ports of Los
Angeles and Long Beach has dropped more than 20 percent
since 2014 to about 75 or 80 minutes, HTA reports. That's been
achieved even as cargo totals rose about 10 percent through the
nation's largest port complex over the same period.

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