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Exquisitely designed wedding cakes and intricately decorated cupcakes have
each emerged as cultural icons, celebratory rites, and a booming business trend
within the culinary world. Producing these pieces requires a trained eye that
understands scale, form, and composition, and a practiced hand that can
execute a vision for turning raw ingredients into edible art.
ICE's Art of Cake Decorating was developed for anyone with an interest in
pursuing a rewarding career in cake decorating. This multi-faceted, 240-hour
program was developed and is led by ICE's award-winning Chef Instructor
Toba Garrett. The program starts with the basics of cake preparation and
piping and moves on to explore all intricate elements of decorating, including
the many international styles of cake artistry, such as Nirvana, Lambeth,
Australian and Oriental string.

With the final lessons of the program supported by renowned chefs Elisa
Strauss and Penny Stankiewicz, you will also learn contemporary designs,
airbrushing techniques, painting with precision, novelty cakes, advanced sugar
floral work, and hand-sculpting skills. Finally, at the conclusion of the program,
you will have the confidence to tackle any cake project, and will present a grand
finale of stunning cakes and sugar artistry.
For graduates of ICE's other programs wanting to specialize in cake
decorating, or existing business owners looking to take their products to a
higher level, this program provides the intensive training and guidance
necessary to establish a competitive advantage in this lucrative area of the food

About Chef Toba Garrett
With over a dozen international gold and
silver medals, master chef-instructor Toba
Garrett is one of the most respected artists
in her field and a seasoned instructor with
years of experience. Chef Toba is the
author of "Professional Cake Decorating,"
the first professional cake decorating text
book designed to teach all aspects of cake
art, "Wedding Cake Art and Design," "The
Well-Decorated Cake" and "Creative
Cookies-Delicious Decorating for any
Occasion." She has written multiple books
on the art. and her work has appeared on
national TV and in countless magazines.

The 240-hour program contains five courses, which are divided into 60 lessons. The program is constructed as follows:

The course will instruct how to prepare several different types of buttercream as well
as prepare all types of piped borders and flowers. Through repetition and practice,
students will build their skills and develop confidence. Icing cakes, pressure control
piping and learning food color applications are a few of the key elements to
compliment buttercream use.

* Basic cake preparation
* Preparing and using Buttercream icings
* Pressure control piping and cornet preparation
* Basic cake borders such as shells, star flowers garlands and rope
* Intermediate Buttercream piping including grape clusters, sweet pea clusters,
ruffles and swags, bows, and basket weave
* Basic floral piping skills (rose buds, roses and leaves)


* Advanced rolled fondant techniques of ruffling, drapery, smocking, crimping and
* The art of writing-Alphabetic practice utilizing various mediums as well as
greetings on cakes and sugar plaques made out of pastillage and gum paste
* Hand modeling using marzipan and chocolate
* Preparation and finishing of upscale decorated cupcakes and cookies

Students will learn all aspects of preparing a wide assortment of sugar paste flowers.
They will be introduced to the basic equipment needed, coloring techniques along
with petal dusting and floral arrangement. Also in this course students will be
introduced to airbrushing techniques for basic flower preparation and basic airbrush



This course will introduce students to all aspects of Royal Icing, from elementary
flooding techniques, flowers and lace to advanced techniques such as brush
embroidery and string work. The intricacies of the advanced techniques require
precision, and steadiness, that students will develop with time and practice. Students
will also be introduced to working with rolled fondant, and using it to cover a
Styrofoam cake and boards. They will also be introduced to different methods for
preparing pastillage making plaques.

* Gum paste blossoms, buds, and foliage as well as gum paste flowers, including roses,
carnations, azaleas, daisies, lilies, hibiscus, and orchids
* Petal dusting and airbrushing flowers
* Corsage, bouquet, spiral design
* Floral taping and ribbon work
* Airbrush techniques


* Outlining and flooding techniques
* Royal icing flowers such as cherry blossoms, forget-me-nots, primroses, violets,
and daisies
* Royal icing pipe work including Swiss dots, Cornelli lace, and oval borders
* Advanced royal icing techniques such as brush embroidery, drop, Oriental and
Australian string work, freehand embroidery, and intricate filigree lace design.

This course will introduce students to the more advanced techniques of rolled
fondant, including ruffling, drapery and ribbons. Students will also utilize hand skills
to learn different writing techniques and to model using marzipan.

About Chef
Elisa Strauss
An ICE Pastry & Baking
Arts graduate, Elisa
Strauss founded Confetti
Cakes in 2000 after her
study at ICE, as well as
Vassar College and the
Art Institute of Chicago. Her creations
have made numerous appearances on TV
("Today Show," "Sex and the City," "The
View," "Martha," Food Network's "Extreme
Cake Challenge" where she won the grand
prize), and countless print publications.
Elisa's first book, "The Confetti Cakes
Cookbook," is in its sixth printing, and her
second book, entitled "Confetti Cakes for
Kids," was released by Little, Brown and

The final course of the program will focus on hand-sculpted cakes and at the
conclusion of the course the students will participate in a five-day workshop on
novelty cake preparation, which will round out their skills as advanced cake
decorators and allow them to utilize all of the elements and techniques learned
throughout the course. The students will also begin their final project, creating a
design and following through to completion. They will present a grand finale of cakes
and sugar artistry.

* Multi-tier cake (Styrofoam) iced in royal icing or rolled fondant and decorated in
a classical or contemporary style
* Floral spray made up of a variety of sugar flowers
* Pastillage card or plaque with a handwritten greeting
* Six decorated cookies or cupcakes

Schedule Options
& Tuition:
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Financial Aid:
Sallie Mae loans may be available to
those who qualify

* ICE was thrilled to hold its second #CulinaryVoice Scholarship
Challenge in search of the next generation of culinary and
hospitality talent. For the 2017 challenge, ICE partnered with
celebrity chefs and food stars Marcus Samuelsson, Ted Allen, Duff
Goldman, and Donatella Arpaia to challenge the nation to enter
and win a scholarship to attend ICE. After public voting narrowed
the entrants down to the top 50 in each category, a panel of ICE
instructors selected the 18 lucky winners for the scholarships-one
full scholarship and two partial scholarships for each of ICE's six
award-winning career training programs: Culinary Arts, Pastry &
Baking Arts, Restaurant & Culinary Management, Hospitality
Management, Bread Baking, and Cake Decorating.
* In partnership with the New York Jets, ICE wrapped up its fourth
season of The Official Jets Cooking School in February with a
cooking class at MetLife Stadium. Current Jets players Dexter
McDougle and Darryl Roberts and former players Fred Baxter and
Bruce Harper cooked alongside the fans, then sat down to a
delicious meal featuring Steak, Insalata Caprese with Hand-Pulled
Mozzarella, Bread Pudding, and more.

* ICE chefs James Distefano and James Briscione appeared on "The
Dr. Oz Show" to share healthy recipe ideas-using cottage cheese
as the star ingredient. Chef Distefano shared breakfast recipes
including a Deconstructed Banana Split and Banana-Sunflower
Seed Bread. Chef Briscione demonstrated the process of making
cottage cheese, and shared pasta recipes including Creamy Mac and
Cottage Cheese and Cottage Cheese and Spinach Ravioli.
* ICE chefs James Briscione and Robert Ramsey were featured on
an episode of "Good Morning America," testing the difference
between gourmet salts and regular table salt. Chef James devised
a blind taste test using three different types of salt: kosher salt,
Himalayan pink salt, and French gourmet salt. Then Chef Robert
and the rest of the tasting panel were asked to sample three pieces
of chicken, identified only by a letter, and determine which they
liked the best as well as which they thought was the most
* ICE Creative Director Michael Laiskonis was interviewed by the
"New York Times" on the history of chocolate in New York City.

Chef Michael's findings, which appeared in a series of posts on the
ICE blog, date back to the early 1700s, when chocolate was first
enjoyed in drinking form, oftentimes at breakfast. It wasn't until
the middle of the 19th century that New York enjoyed chocolate in
its now popular bar form. Chef Michael continues his research
today in ICE's bean-to-bar Chocolate Lab, studying the unique
flavor profiles of cocoa beans from different origins, and testing the
effects of aging chocolate and how it can alter the flavor of the final
chocolate product.
* ICE recently launched First Fridays at ICE, a professional
development series that takes place on the first Friday of each
month. Each evening begins with a drink-tasting session by one of
NYC's finest mixologists, sommeliers, or brewers, followed by
culinary demonstrations with tastings, performed by leading
industry chefs and ICE's own chef-instructors. Guests learn new
recipes and cooking techniques while hanging out with some of
NYC's top tastemakers. First Fridays at ICE are free for current
career students and alumni.

For more information, call 888.366.CHEF


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