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Adrienne Cheatham


Culinary Arts Chef Instructor
From an early age, Adrienne Cheatham was always
comfortable in restaurants: She'd help her mom, a
manager at a local Chicago establishment, by washing
dishes, bussing tables, and running food. After studying
business and journalism at Florida A&M University, she
worked the line at a fish-focused restaurant in Orlando.
Adrienne then spent time in pastry at a resort in the Florida panhandle
before moving to NYC to attend ICE. Soon she found Le Bernardin, where
she stayed for eight years, working her way up the line to executive sous
chef. While there, she also tested recipes for Executive Chef Eric Ripert's
TV show and cookbook, and helped open his Aldo Sohm Wine Bar and
private dining venue Prive. She left to assist Marcus Samuelsson
in opening Streetbird (which received a Michelin Bib Gourmand) and his
restaurant in Bermuda, before being promoted to executive chef of Red
Rooster in Harlem. With Marcus's support, she recently took time off to
travel-to such destinations as Napa, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Uruguay, and
New Orleans-and plan her next career move. When she saw ICE was
looking for part-time instructors, she knew the position would "give me
flexibility while still being surrounded by food, motivated people, and
inspiration...and I'd be helping young chefs hit the ground running." When
not teaching, she's a freelance restaurant consultant, taking on fascinating
challenges like developing new products for Schwan's popular frozen food
lines, and creating healthy, nutritious school lunches. She's also starting a
pop-up series to spotlight food that reflects Harlem's cultural melting pot,
while raising money to open a new Harlem restaurant. Adrienne attributes
her achievements to grit, a strong work ethic, failure-is-not-an-option
attitude, and always making the choice to be in good spirits.

Roses and Sweet Peas
Vilna Peters
Monday, June 19, 10am-2pm
$125 F 1 session
Vilna Peters's breathtaking motifs have found their way on
decorated cakes all over the world. For 32 years, Vilna worked
as Sylvia Weinstock's lead flower maker, and ultimately grew
to lead her bakery's floral department. In this intermediatelevel course, you will learn the art of gumpaste flower making,
taking your basic understanding of gumpaste decorations to
the next level. Vilna will teach you her technique for making
roses-from bud to fully bloomed-as well as sweet peas and
leaves: a gorgeous gumpaste flower spray. Some previous
knowledge and experience in gumpaste decorations
preferred, but not required.

Hydrangea: From Bud to Full Bloom
Vilna Peters
Tuesday, September 26, 1-5pm
$125 F 1 session
Expand your gumpaste flower repertoire in this intermediate-level course taught by master flower maker Vilna
Peters. In this hands-on class, you will learn the fine art of gumpaste flower making, taking your basic understanding
of gumpaste decorations to the next level. Vilna will teach you her technique for hydrangeas-from bud to fully
bloomed-as well as hydrangea leaves, to complement a gorgeous gumpaste flower spray. Some previous knowledge
and experience in gumpaste decorations preferred, but not required.

Rommel Gopez, Hospitality '14

Sara Nguyen, Culinary Arts '05

Originally from the Philippines, Rommel Gopez grew up in Hawaii, then joined
the U.S. Army after school, where he served for five years. As a supply sergeant
with the 125th Infantry, he ordered, purchased, and received supplies for the
troops-everything from toilet paper to machine guns. Following his tour of duty,
he worked on cruise ships (like American Hawaii Cruises, Cunard Lines, and
Princess Lines) for the next nine years, allowing him to save money, have all
accommodations covered, and travel the world while learning about new cultures.
He then moved to NYC and started working for several chains. Rommel decided
to enroll at ICE beaucase he knew that its Hospitality program would help him advance even faster
within the industry, while proving his willingness to keep learning. Rommel points out, "A lot of the
hotels here in the city are union, so my ICE class about union rules helped me understand that
component of many of the properties that I've been in." Indeed, he was able to move from another
hotel to Times Square's legendary Hotel Edison, where he was quickly promoted to director of guest
relations. This job entails taking care of all VIP guests, working with the hotel's corporate and repeat
clients, holding hotel events, handling holiday promotions, and purchasing, among other
responsibilities. His goal is to provide all customers with an excellent experience, from VIPs to
corporate and repeat guests. Eventually he hopes to become the general manager of a small hotel:
"You always want to have a goal after the goal that you achieve; you always want to keep moving up."

Growing up in Santa Monica, California, Sara Nguyen had both a grandmother
who was an avid cook, and a stepfather who was the food and wine director at a
prestigious hotel. As a result, she began working in restaurants and catering
venues at age 18, and apprenticed at Per Se when Thomas Keller first opened it in
2004, before enrolling at ICE. In 2014, she founded the fast casual restaurant
Wangs, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which she describes as "Southern soul food meets
East Asian flavors, specializing in Korean-style whole wings." It's no surprise that
those wings are her favorite items on the menu: "They hit all the parts of your
brain that make you want more-they're a balance of sweet and salty, and are ridiculously crunchy."
Now she's planning to expand Wangs by creating a sauce and condiment line, writing a cookbook,
and doing nonprofit work. Her dream goal is to expand Wangs to a boutique chain, which she's been
preparing for: "Our business model and the last three years of organization and recipe standardization
have made it possible to replicate our product over and over again." If you're planning a similar t
rajectory, Chef Nguyen recommends that you "work in as many kitchens as you can and do it for at
least one year in each establishment-fine dining, casual dining, fast casual, and catering-before
you even think of becoming a sous chef. Take shifts in the front of house too. Learn everything possible
to learn in someone else's establishment before you open your own."

Kerry Brodie, Culinary Arts '17
Kerry Brodie graduated from
Princeton, where she studied
Middle Eastern affairs, and
later worked for the Israeli
Embassy in Washington, as
well as the Human Rights
completing her masters from
government and political communications. She
and her husband moved to NYC last year so she
could apply her public policy experience to food
by starting the nonprofit she'd been researching
and preparing to launch for a year: Emma's
Torch. The organization is named after Emma
Lazarus, whose poem on the Statue of Liberty
urges to "give me your tired, your poor"-a key
motivator for the organization's mission of
preparing recent refugees to the U.S. to work in
the foodservice industry: "We believe, as did
Emma, that when refugees succeed, America
succeeds." Thus, the Emma's Torch program
includes culinary training, English-language
classes, and on-the-job skill training with their
in-house catering company. The ultimate goal is
to help all of its graduates land and keep jobs in
this industry. And it's working: The first cohort
of students has already graduated, and four of
America's largest refugee resettlement and
advocacy organizations have agreed to partner
with Emma's Torch; mentors at ICE have also
helped with the job training. Even while running
her nonprofit, Kerry is completing her Culinary
Arts degree at ICE while externing at the
restaurant Lafayette in the bread-baking
program, where she gets to "create magic every
day." Ultimately her dream "is for Emma's Torch
to successfully change lives, and make our world
just a little bit more welcoming and accepting."

Zinyusile Brian Khumbula,
Hospitality '17
Zinyusile Brian Khumbula-
known to his friends as "Zi"-
grandmother in Mzilikazi,
Zimbabwe, and his father in
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Though he started school in
Africa, he finished high
school in Brooklyn, then
started a CPA program at Pace University.
Realizing the accountant track wasn't for him, he
found his passion for cooking and began a threemonth culinary arts certificate at a community
college, which soon led him to ICE's Hospitality
program. Zi found ICE a natural fit because
hospitality is an extension of his culture, since "I
was raised in a culture of ubuntu," or humanity
and generosity to others. He explains, "In
Mzilikazi, my late grandmother generously
sheltered travelers and guests on a weekly basis.
Years later at ICE, I learned that that's essentially
what hospitality is. Why would I not want to
continue living and building on the lifestyle I was
raised in?" Currently he works as a front
desk/night auditor at Ace Hotel. No surprise that
his favorite part of the job is interacting with
guests: "It's an honor to be the person who
welcomes them into their first temporary home
in NYC." He's also an avid and ambitious chef;
along with a classmate and his former foster
mother, Zi is planning a series of pop-up dining
experiences in NYC, and another potential
culinary opportunity in Beacon, in the Hudson
Valley. He's comfortable with his chosen track:
"Hospitality is my profession because I always
find joy in providing care, making other people's
lives a tiny bit easier. It is my way of honoring my

Carmine Zeppieri,

Alyssa Rodriguez,

Pastry & Baking Arts '17

Culinary Arts '17
Culinary Management '17

Carmine Zeppieri is the third
of his kind-his father and his
grandfather share the exact
same name. His grandfather
arrived in the U.S. from Italy
at age 17, and baked bread in
a Bronx bakery for a decade
before buying the entire shop,
now called Zeppieri & Sons
Italian Bakery. Soon after graduating from high
school, Carmine was drawn back to the business:
"My whole family either worked there, met there,
or is somehow connected to the bakery, so it's
always been a big part of my life. Besides the
reactions from pleased customers, being a part
of the family's roots is a powerful thing." Six days
a week, he works in the bakery from 5:00 a.m.
until 5:00 p.m. And with the addition of evening
ICE classes, the schedule has been "a little
challenging, but well worth the sacrifice." In
addition to still baking fresh handmade bread
daily, the bakery features specialty items like
homemade rainbow cookies; handmade
sfogliatelle (shell-shaped filled pastries); sfingi
and zeppole (Italian doughnuts) for St. Joseph's
Day; Irish soda bread every Saturday; and a full
line of traditional, fondant, and tier cakes. He
enrolled in ICE's Pastry & Baking program
because baking is in his blood, and "if I'm going
to uphold the family tradition, I want to learn
every aspect of it." At ICE, he's learned to
"appreciate the art at a deeper level...At this
stage, I'm just trying to absorb any knowledge or
skill I come in contact with."

As with many chefs, Alyssa
Rodriguez's love affair with
food began with her
grandmother, who is from
Puerto Rico, who "cooks
delicious food with an
abundance of soul, and loves
to feed anyone and everyone
she can get her hands on."
Alyssa received degrees in political science and
Russian and Eastern European studies at Seton
Hall University, got a law degree at Pace
University, and passed both the New York and
New Jersey Bar examinations before working as
a trial attorney for Allstate and Liberty Mutual
insurance companies. Well into her legal career,
she continued to cook every day, but "when I
realized law was not a fulfilling career for me, I
didn't even have to think about what my next
step would be." So she made a complete switch,
and will soon graduate from ICE with two
degrees: one in Culinary Management at the
beginning of summer, and one in Culinary Arts
in mid-fall. Alyssa has been pleased to discover
that "all of the students, faculty, and staff
genuinely love learning, teaching, and working
there. You can see it on their faces, and it's so
uplifting." She's already working on her business
plan for a future restaurant, an upscale venue in
New Jersey. But before that come the
externships: "Wherever I end up, I know it'll be
somewhere fantastic!" In the end, she has one
goal: "All I want to do is create fantastic food and
put smiles on people's faces. You only have one
life, so it might as well be a delicious one!"

For more information, call 888.810.CHEF

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