The Main Course - Summer 2017 - 21


Smokehouse BBQ:
Memphis-Style Ribs
Robert Ramsey
Friday, June 23, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session
In Graceland, pork ribs reign supreme. In this
class with Chef Robert Ramsey, you will learn
how to smoke baby backs using the two
classic Memphis techniques: dry and wet. It
wouldn't be BBQ without the sides, so while
your ribs are slow-cooking, we'll make
regional favorites like Baked Beans; Creamy
Chipotle Slaw; and Summer Bean and Tomato
Salad. To finish, we'll mix a Kentucky Bourbon
Cocktail, and top it off with "Make-and-Take"
Memphis-Style BBQ Sauce and Dry Rub.

The Alabama Smokehouse
Robert Ramsey
Sunday, July 30, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session
Born and raised in the South, Robert Ramsey
definitely knows his barbecue, dry rubs,
collard greens, and more. Learn smoking,
frying, saucing, and all manner of Alabama
specialties with Chef Ramsey, who's cooked
at Michelin-awarded restaurants and
alongside James Beard Award-winning chefs.
We'll make a meal out of: Dry Rub Smoked
Chicken; Chargrilled Gulf Coast Oysters;

Alabama White BBQ Sauce; All-Purpose BBQ
Dry Rub; Southern Collard Greens; Stewed
Black-Eyed Peas; Spicy Crawfish Hush
Puppies; and for a rich dessert, Alabama Mud

Smokehouse BBQ Workshop
Robert Ramsey
Saturday, August 12, 9am-5pm
$230 F 1 session
In this intensive BBQ workshop with Chef
Robert Ramsey, we'll get hands on with the
heavy hitters of smoked meats: Carolina
Pulled Pork and Texas-Style Brisket. We'll
brine, rub, baste, marinate, and finally smoke
each cut, while discussing the regional
variations and preferences in preparations.
While this full-day class will focus on the
technique of properly smoking meats, we will
also make sides, sauces, and rubs that are true
each region. In Central Texas, it's all about the
meat (sides and even sauce are optional), so
we'll focus on the dry rub, and draw from the
heavy Czech influence in sides like Cabbage and
Beans. For the Pulled Pork Shoulder, we'll head
over to North Carolina for Tangy Vinegar
Sauce; Sweet Coleslaw; and Hush Puppies.
This class includes a one-hour lunch break.

Grilling Basics
David Bonom
Sunday, July 23, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session
Learn the professional's tips and tricks to making great meals on your grill.
ICE alum, Chef David Bonom, who has created hundreds of recipes for the
popular Weber cookbooks, will help you master techniques to make
everything from salad to sides, meat, seafood, burgers, and even a
show-stopping dessert...all on the grill! We'll cook up: Grilled Romaine
Wedges with Caesar Dressing and Grated Parmesan; Grilled Avocado and Jalapeño Guacamole;
Churrasco-Style Skirt Steak with Garlic Citrus Mojo Sauce; Shrimp and Chorizo Tacos with Fire
Roasted Corn Salsa; Juicy Lucy Burgers; Fennel and Black Pepper Crusted Lamb Chops; and
Grilled Pound Cake with Strawberries and Strawberry Ice Cream.

The Basics of Emulsion Sauces
Robert Ramsey
Friday, May 12, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session
Let Chef Robert Ramsey, of famed Brooklyn
restaurant Bar Corvo, teach you the science
behind emulsified sauces. As you learn the
techniques behind this invaluable skill, you'll
make a number of restaurant-quality
emulsified sauces-and the foods that they
complement best. You'll start by creating
different Mayonnaises (Honey Chipotle, Classic
Garlic Aioli, and Lemon-Rosemary-Peppercorn),
then use your new emulsifying skills in delicious
dishes like: Hollandaise with Smoked Salmon
and Poached Eggs; Bearnaise with Grilled NY
Strip and Asparagus; Beurre Blanc over Shrimp
& Cherry Tomato Skewers; and ScallionButtermilk Vinaigrette with Garden Green salad.

Ramen and Noodle Workshop
Peter Berley
Friday, May 12, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session
Traditional cooking has always employed
exquisite, highly nutritious, and deeply flavored
savory broths, which can be conveniently
frozen for quick one-pot noodle dishes for any
night of the week. Join Peter Berley, James
Beard Award-winning author of "The
Flexitarian Table," "The Modern Vegetarian
Kitchen," and "Fresh Food Fast," to master the
preparation of those broths and the recipes that
use them. Your extensive menu includes: Duck
Ramen; Rice Noodles in Spicy Coconut Broth;
Udon with Tofu and Vegetables in Dashi Broth;
Basic Chicken Broth; Roasted Chicken Broth;
Spaetzle in Roasted Chicken Broth with
Caramelized Shallots; Ramen in Spicy Seafood
Broth; and Soba in Smoked Pork Broth with Soy
Sauce and Maple Syrup.

Mastering Pan Sauces:
A Two-Day Workshop
Sabrina Sexton
Mon-Tue, August 14-15, 6-10pm
$250 F 2 sessions
What do professional chefs
know about getting flavorful
dishes to the table quickly and
effortlessly? The answer is pan
sauces. Once you've learned a
few simple steps, you'll be able
to create an infinite number of
your own sauces. Join Chef
Sabrina Sexton, formerly of
Gramercy Tavern, for an
instructive menu that makes the most of quickcooking cuts of chicken, lamb, and beef. Since
pan sauces are made directly in the pan you use
to sear your meat, they have the benefit of
being amazingly quick to prepare-sometimes
even in minutes. You'll make and enjoy a menu
of: Orange-Ginger Glaze for Poultry; CilantroChimichurri Sauce; Chicken with Wild
Mushroom Sauce; Roasted Garlic Sauce; Lamb
with Green Olive Sauce; Lamb Loin with Garlic
and Rosemary Sauce; Flank Steak with SoyGinger Sauce; and more.

The Basics of Pan Sauces
Sabrina Sexton
Monday, July 10, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session
A great pan sauce, made using the crunchy,
flavor-packed bits left over from a good sear,
can change a dish from regular to rave. Each
dish you make in this class will be restaurantquality, under the guidance of former
Gramercy Tavern Chef Sabrina Sexton-and
each will be accompanied by a rich, smooth
pan sauce. Your menu includes: Chicken Piccata; Sauteed Chicken with Wild Mushroom
Sauce; Flank Steak au Poivre; Sauteed Flank
Steak with Red Wine Sauce; Striped Bass with
Tomatoes, Capers, and Garlic; and Spice-Rubbed
Salmon with Preserved Lemon and Olives.

Summer Dishes from Dig Inn
Matthew Weingarten
Friday, June 9, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session

Matt Weingarten, an ICE alum who also happens to be Culinary Director
of the rapidly growing, healthy fast-casual chain Dig Inn, shares some of
their in-demand recipes and tricks of the trade with you. Infuse your
summer dishes with flavor while keeping them good for you too, as you
make and dine on: Cauliflower Steaks with Quinoa Mint Pesto; Roasted
Carrots with Rose Water and Almond Vinaigrette; Trigger Fish Poached in Whey with Asparagus;
Roasted Duck Verbena and Stone Fruit Compote; and for dessert, Lemon Posset with Perfect


California Wine Country:
American Regional Favorites

The Puerto Rican Kitchen:
American Regional Favorites

Monday, May 1, 6:30-10:30pm
or Sunday, June 11, 6:30-10:30pm
or Sunday, July 23, 10am-2pm
or Sunday, August 6, 6-10pm
or Friday, August 25, 6:30-10:30pm
or Thursday, August 31, 10am-2:30pm
or Sunday, September 24, 10am-2pm
$120 F 1 session
The farms, orchards, and of course vineyards
of California's wine country combine to turn
the region into one of the most bountiful in
the U.S. The kitchens of Napa, Sonoma, and
the Russian River Valley prepare seasonally
focused dishes that highlight the quality of
the ingredients at hand. Learn to make some
of those dishes in your own kitchen,
including: Prosciutto-Wrapped Fuji Apples
with a Sour Cherry-Balsamic Glaze; Scallops
with Cauliflower Purée and Roasted Grapes in
a Sauvignon Blanc Reduction; Fennel-Crusted
Pork Loin with a Pinot Noir Glaze; Bucatini
with Pistachio-Arugula-Lemon Pesto; Roasted
Shaved Brussels Sprouts; and ChardonnayPoached Pears with Crème Anglaise. You will
enjoy these with a selection of California wines.

Friday, May 19, 6-10:30pm
or Saturday, July 29, 6-10:30pm
or Sunday, September 10, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session
While visions of sandy Caribbean beaches
might be the first thing to come to mind
when thinking of Puerto Rico, mountains,
rivers, and lakes make up a large portion of
the landscape. Come learn more about the
island and a cuisine that celebrates a rich and
diverse heritage, as you make Arroz con
Gandules (rice and pigeon peas); Bacalaitos
(salt cod fritters); Carne Guisada (beef stew);
Fricassee (chicken stew); Mofongo (mashed
green plantains); Chicken Chicharrones;
Rellena de Papa (potato stuffed with picadillo);
Plátanos Maduros (fried ripe plantains); Tres
Leches Cake; and Piña Coladas.

Southern Comfort:
American Regional Favorites
Friday, July 21, 6-10:30pm
or Saturday, October 7, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session
The South is quite possibly the most delicious
region in the country. It's hard not to love its
fried...well, its fried everything, plus its
braised vegetables, and its mile-high pies and
cakes. In the land of biscuits and sweet tea,
life centers around mealtimes. Come learn a
few of those Southern favorites, including:
Deviled Eggs; Southern Fried Chicken;
Slow-Roasted Barbecue Ribs; Biscuits with
Cream Gravy; Fried Green Tomatoes;
Cornbread; Braised Collard Greens; and
Coca-Cola Cake. You will sip on Mint Juleps
and Sweet Tea to complete your feast.

NOLA (New Orleans, LA):
American Regional Favorites
Sunday, May 14, 6-10pm
or Saturday, August 19, 10am-2pm
$120 F 1 session
From muffulettas to po'boys, Ramos Gin
Fizzes to Sazeracs, and crawfish to oysters,
the diverse cuisine of the city of New Orleans
is unparalleled. If you've been curious about
the cuisine of the Big Easy, take this journey
through the quintessential dishes that make
N'awlins a supreme culinary capital. Your
menu will include: Oysters Bienville; Shrimp
Remoulade; Crawfish Etouffee; Grillades and
Grits; Jambalaya Classique; Dirty Rice; Bread
Pudding; with Bourbon Sauce; Cafe Brulot;
and a Sazerac Cocktail

Road Trip:
American Regional Favorites
Friday, August 18, 6-10:30pm
or Sunday, September 17, 6-10:30pm
$120 F 1 session
Time to burn some asphalt and enjoy the best
of what America has to offer in its roadside
and boardwalk restaurants, from Maine's
lobster shacks to California's taco trucks. But
the only road map you'll need to taste all the
regional specialties you'll make in this class
is a recipe packet. So pack up and come enjoy
Lobster Rolls (Maine); Buffalo Chicken Wings
(Buffalo, NY); Cheesesteaks (Philadelphia,
PA); Cincinnati Chili Five Ways (Cincinnati,
OH); Shrimp and Grits (South Carolina); Fish
Tacos (San Diego, CA); and Beignets (New Orleans, LA).

The Pacific Northwest:
American Regional Favorites
Sunday, June 4, 6-10:30pm
or Monday, July 10, 6:30-10:30pm
or Saturday, September 23, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session
The lush, green Pacific Northwest is famous
for its wild salmons, oysters, and beers, but
that's just the tip of the gastronomic iceberg.
Its forests are home to game and berries that
turn up in countless recipes. Cedar planks
become grilling beds for fish, meat, and
vegetables, imparting them with the
unmistakable flavor of the Northwest. You
will learn how to use these techniques and
ingredients to make: Butternut Squash Soup;
Dungeness Fire-Roasted Oysters with Wasabi
Butter and Ginger; Grilled Venison with
Cherry and Port Reduction; Cedar Plank
Salmon with Cucumber-Ginger Vinaigrette;
Wild Mushroom Fricassée; Roasted Potatoes;
and No-Bake Chocolate Nanaimo Bars. You
will enjoy those with a selection of Oregon and
Washington wines.

For more information, call 888.961.CHEF

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