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A Classic Greek Dinner

Indian Dinner Party
David Rosengarten
Sunday, July 23, 6-10pm
$115 F 1 session
Legendary Food Network host, author and chef David Rosengarten leads
you through a feast of fragrant and authentic dishes sourced from
throughout the Indian content. We'll start with Bhel Puri; Chicken Tikka
Kebabs; Onion Sambal; and Raita with Yogurt and Cucumber, then make
entrees like Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani; Cauliflower Chettinad Style; Chana
Dal with Tadka; and Lime Pickle and Mango Chutney with Fresh Tomatoes and Cilantro, finishing
up the meal with delicate Rasmalai for dessert.

Garlic: Key Ingredient
Friday, May 26, 6-10pm
or Saturday, July 8, 10am-2pm
or Saturday, August 26, 10am-2pm
or Friday, September 15, 6-10pm
$115 F 1 session
Garlic gives dishes around the world a pungent
oomph that drives people wild in mouthwatering
anticipation. In this class you'll transform the
"stinking rose" into many pungently popular
recipes. From head to clove, you'll make: Skordalia
(garlicky Greek potato dip); Truffled White Bean
Bruschetta; James Beard's Roasted Chicken with 40
Garlic Cloves; Linguini alla Vongole (linguini with
clam sauce); Gai Yang (Thai-style grilled chicken
with garlic, pepper, and coriander); Grilled Skirt
Steak with Chimichurri Sauce (charred steak with
Argentine steak sauce); Chao Doujiao (Chinese-style
green beans fried with garlic); Yuca con Mojo (cassava in a tangy garlic sauce); Roasted Garlic; and
Garlic Bread.

Spice Blends: Key Ingredient
Sunday, June 11, 6-10:30pm
or Wednesday, July 5, 6-10:30pm
or Thursday, August 24, 6-10:30pm
or Friday, September 15, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session

Do you have a spice blend in your cabinet that
you picked up on vacation, but you're not sure
how to use? If you're one of those people, or a
cook who would like to incorporate spice
blends into your culinary repertoire, then come
to ICE for this educational class. We'll travel
around the globe as you learn to create spice
blends like: Indian Masala; Latin Adobo;
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning; Middle Eastern
Za'atar; Pickling Spices; Herbes de Provence;
Moroccan Ras al Hanout; and savory rubs for
good old American 'cue. You will then use these
aromatic spice blends to prepare: Quick Dill
Pickles; Vegetables Provençal; Chicken Adobo;
Jerk Pork; Smoked Trout; Cauliflower Chickpea
Curry; Grilled Beef with a Savory Coffee Dry
Rub; Spice Cake, and a Spice-Rimmed Tequila
Sunrise Cocktail.

Mushrooms: Key Ingredient
Sunday, July 9, 10am-2:30pm
or Monday, September 11, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session

With such a wide variety of flavors and textures
among them, mushrooms could be part of just
about every dinner, serving as side, filling, or
meat substitute in a main dish. On your menu:
Roasted Hen of the Woods with Poached Egg and
Asparagus; Portobello Mushrooms Fries with a
Roasted Garlic Aïoli; Miso-Udon Soup with
Steamed Black Cod, Shiitakes, and Straw Mushrooms; Fontina-Stuffed Veal Scallopine with
Wild Mushroom Sauce; Creamy Polenta and
Roasted Cipollini Onions; Penne with Sun-Dried
Tomatoes and Chanterelles; Porcini-Crusted
Roast Arctic Char with Brown Butter Sauce,
Brussels Sprouts, Oyster Mushrooms, and
Caramelized Shallots; and Champagne,
Raspberry, and Chocolate Spice Truffles.

It's All About the...Beef Wellington
Maria Tampakis
Monday, September 25, 6-10:30pm
$125 F 1 session
Award-winning chef, teacher, and consultant Maria Tampakis has designed
a menu that takes British cuisine to a whole new level. She updates classic
recipes with her own distinct twists, then caps it all off with showstopping
Beef Wellingtons! You'll make and sup on: Scotch Eggs; Crab and Apple
Salad with Maryrose Dressing; Individual Beef Wellingtons; Confit Potatoes;
Cauliflower Cheese; Green Beans with Caramelized Onions and Parmesan; and Treacle Tart with
Blood Orange.

A Fistful of Lentils:
Syrian Cooking
Jennifer Abadi
Monday, May 15, 10am-2pm
$115 F 1 session
In the world of Middle Eastern
cooking, Syria is said to
contain some of the best food
in the Arabic world.
Strategically located along the
ancient Silk Route (connecting
Asia to Europe), Syria has had
easy access to such delicacies
from India and China as
tamarind, pepper, and rice for
thousands of years. Join Jennifer Abadi, to
learn how to prepare some of the typical
recipes from her family's native Aleppo, Syria.
You'll make and enjoy: Phyllo Triangles Stuffed
with Lemony Spinach and Pine Nuts; Smoky
Eggplant Dip with Sesame Paste; Rice with
Lentils and Cucumber-Mint-Yogurt Dressing;
Meatballs with Sour Cherries and Tomato Paste;
Bulgur Wheat Pie Stuffed with Ground Beef, Allspice, and Cinnamon; Chopped Tomato-Cucumber Salad with Olives, Lemon, and Mint;
Shredded Phyllo Dough Pie with Ricotta Cheese
and Rosewater Syrup; and Tamarind "Iced Tea"
with Lemon.

Northern Indian Dishes
Rupen Rao
Saturday, May 20, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session
Cookbook author and spice
blend maker Rupen Rao's goal
is to bring classic Indian dishes
to U.S. audiences. That's why
he's focusing this class on the
rich, fragrant foods of Northern India, with all their complex spice blends and
remarkable flavors, textures,
and techniques. The exciting
menu includes: ChickenBiryani with Raita;
Ground Lamb Seekh Kebabs; Seasoned Lentils
(Dal Makhani); Onion Kulcha; and Mango Lassi.

Cauliflower: Key Ingredient

Eating the Mediterranean Way

Sunday, June 11, 6-10:30pm
or Thursday, September 7, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session
Appearing in the cuisine of nearly every
continent, cauliflower is one of the most
versatile vegetables you can work with. It stars
in dishes from Asian and Indian to Italian and
French. We will applaud the diversity of this
humble yet nutritious brassica and learn quite
a few techniques in the process, emerging with
soups, appetizers, pastas, and more for just
about any occasion. We'll be cooking up:
Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Blue Cheese
Sauce; Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Truffled
Croutons and Shiitake Mushrooms; Homemade
Tagliatelle with Pancetta and Roasted Cauliflower; Scallops with Cauliflower Purée and
Roasted Grapes with Sauvignon Blanc
Reduction; Cauliflower Steak "Au Poivre"; and
Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Smoked Gouda
Cheese Sauce.

Jennifer Abadi
Wednesday, June 7, 10am-2pm
$115 F 1 session
With access to a variety of fresh vegetables,
fruits, beans, fish, and whole-grain products, as
well as yogurt and olive oil, the Mediterranean
style of eating (naturally low in fat, and
utilizing the "good" fats) has proven to be one
of the best ways to "eat healthy." It's especially
helpful for reducing cholesterol. Join Jennifer
Abadi, and learn new recipes incorporating
many of these nutrient-packed ingredients.
Start a happy and healthy eating lifestyle that
is both delicious and satisfying! On your menu:
Strained Yogurt Dip with Zesty Garlic, Vinegar,
Lemon, and Fresh Dill; Baked Broad Beans with
Parsley, Oregano, Lemon, and Tomato Sauce;
Creamed Spinach Salad with Lemon, Garlic, and
Olive Oil; Egg Noodles with Brown Lentils, Olive
Oil, Tahini, and Sesame Seeds; Cold Bulgur Pilaf
Salad with Red Peppers, Scallions, Parsley,
Lemon, and Tomato Paste; Baked Fish with
Tomato-Lemon-Coriander Sauce; Red and Black
Lentil Patties with Bulgur, Cumin, and Mint; and
Whole-Wheat Apple Olive Oil Cake with Lemon
Zest and Cinnamon.

French Butter
is used in all ICE

Vegetarian Mezze Dishes
Renee Marton
Monday, June 19, 6-10:30pm
$115 F 1 session
The Ottoman Empire may have ended in 1918,
but we're still benefiting from the many edibles
it left us, including the mezze spread: a table
full of appetizers and small plates, reminiscent
of tapas, but with different flavor profiles from
Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey. Under the
guidance of Chef Renee Marton, we'll make our
own Pita Bread, then prepare an unforgettable
spread of: Baba Ghanoush; Za'atar Toasts;
Fattoush; Red Lentil Kefta with Pomegranate
Seeds; Carrots with Cumin; Thick Yogurt Rolls
Dredged in Sumac and Pistachios; Swiss Chard;
Feta and Leek Borek; and Sesame and Pistachio

Maria Tampakis
Saturday, July 15, 6-10pm
$115 F 1 session
No need to rely on the diner anymore! Learn
how to make these classic dishes, which can be
found all over Greece, in the comfort of your
own home. From soups to pastas to classic
gyros, Chef Maria Tampakis shows you how to
make an authentic menu of: Spinach Pie;
Grilled Loukaniko (Greek sausage); Avgolemono
(lemon-egg-chicken soup); Saganaki (pan fried
kefalograviera cheese with roasted tomatoes and
lemon); Kolokithokeftethes (zucchini fritters);
Greek Salad; Pastichio (Greek lasagna); Pork
Souvlaki; Tzatziki; and Rice Pudding with

Persian Essentials
Jennifer Abadi
Thursday, September 14, 10am-2pm
$115 F 1 session
At the height of its power in 500 BCE, the
Persian Empire was so great, it had spanned
the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. As
a result of its historical and far-reaching
contact with the world, the food of Iran today
reflects an incredibly diverse cuisine. Persian
cooking utilizes saffron, rosewater, cardamom,
mint, rice, and a bounty of healthful greens and
colorful vegetables-the best of Asia, the
Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Join
Jennifer Abadi and learn how to prepare a
Persian feast fit for the king (or queen) of any
empire! On your menu: Nazk'hatoon (Iranian
broiled eggplant dip with pomegranate paste and
angelica powder); Kollah Jush (warm yogurt
soup with onions, dried mint, dill, and turmeric);
Kuku-yeh Bahdemjan (eggplant pie with garlic,
onions, and saffron); Kaysi Polo (basmati rice
with dried apricots, pistachios, and cardamom);
Qormeh Sabzi (chicken stew with fenugreek,
parsley, coriander, and dried limes); Baqlava
(Persian layered almond pastry with rosewater
and cardamom).

Full Moon Summer Supper
Annemarie Ahearn
Monday, June 12, 10am-2pm
$135 F 1 session
ICE alum Annemarie Ahearn is the founder of Salt Water Farm,
Maine's famed cooking workshop overlooking Penobscot Bay-which
is known its communal farmhouse feasts featuring chefs from around
the world. This class gives you a taste of the locally driven, seasonal
fare that Annemarie is known for. We'll make a
menu of: Fried Squash Blossoms with Garlic and Parsley; Carrot Soup
with Pickled Beets, Fresh Ginger, Greek Farm Yogurt, and Fennel
Fronds; Cherry Tomatoes and Green Filet Beans with Raspberry
Vinaigrette; Locally Farmed Chickens with Wheat Berries, Grilled Baby
Squash, and Summer Herbs; and Raspberry Trifle with Elderflower
Sweet Cream. To wash it down, our cocktail of choice will be a Negroni
with Aperol. Every student receives a copy of Annemarie's new
cookbook, "Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm."

Summer Local Cooking
Sabrina Sexton
Monday, June 5, 6-10pm
$120 F 1 session
Don't know what to do with the abundance of summer produce taking over your fridge? This
class was designed specifically for you! You'll learn how to make the most of your CSA share
or greenmarket haul this season by preparing an amazing array of soups, salads, sauces, and
sweets. Chef Sabrina Sexton's recipes will include: Summer Tomato Soup with Cilantro Pesto;
Watermelon and Feta Salad with Serranos and Mint; Grilled "Ratatouille" Salad with Tomato
Vinaigrette and Fresh Mozzarella; Softshell Crabs with Romesco Sauce; Grilled Skirt Steak with
Tomatillo and Green Chile Sauce; Grilled Herb Chicken with Fire-Roasted Corn, Tomatoes, and
Tarragon; Summer Frittata with Peppers, Greens, and Parmesan; Panzanella Bread Salad with
Roasted Peppers, Olives, and Basil; Peach and Greek Yogurt Parfait with Honey and Almonds;
and Mixed Berry Cobbler with Vanilla Whipped Cream.

Greenmarket Cooking
Saturday, June 24, 9am-2:30pm
or Saturday, July 15, 9am-2:30pm
or Saturday, August 5, 9am-2:30pm
or Satuirday, August 19, 9am-2:30pm
or Saturday, September 30, 9am-2:30pm
$115 F 1 session
Shop with a chef to get your greenmarket goods! You'll take the morning to select your freshfrom-the-farm ingredients at Tribeca Greenmarket, where you'll get to know the farmers and
learn about seasonal foods. After you've loaded up on locally grown goods, you'll go back to
the kitchen classroom to delve into the cooking process. There, you'll create a fresh, fabulous,
and farm-grown gourmet meal. The menu will vary depending on the class date, but expect
to find anything in your bag from sugar snap peas to juicy peaches. Class meets at 9am at the
Tribeca Greenmarket on the corner of Greenwich and Chambers streets.

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