The Main Course - Summer 2017 - 33


Gluten- and Nut-Free Desserts
for Parents & Kids ages 8 & up

Sushi Night for Parents
& Kids ages 8-13
Sabrina Sexton
Friday, May 12, 6-9pm
or Friday, July 28, 6-9pm
or Friday, September 22, 6-9pm
$95 F 1 session
In Japan, many kids eat sushi for lunch daily-
and why not? It's simple to make, easily
customizable, healthful, and tons of fun to eat.
In this class, you'll learn to make a variety of
sushi alongside your child-not to mention
Japanese snacks and even a sweet dessert! Chef
Sabrina Sexton will work with you and your child
as she teaches you to make and then feast on:
Miso Soup; Steamed Edamame; Cucumber Maki;
California Roll; Spicy Tuna Roll; Assorted Nigiri;
and Green Tea Pudding with Sesame Candy.

Bagels for Parents
& Kids ages 9 & up
Jenny McCoy
Sunday, August 20, 2-5pm
$95 F 1 session
Chef Jenny McCoy teaches you all
her secrets as you mix, knead, roll,
boil, and bake your own chewy,
golden-brown New York-style
bagels. We'll then top them with
classic sesame, poppy, onions,
garlic, and salt. You'll even take
home a bag of warm, fresh bagels
right from the oven for brunching
on the next morning, or anytime!

Candy-Making Workshop
for Parents & Kids ages 8-11
Jenny McCoy
Saturday, May 20, 10am-1pm
or Sunday, July 16, 10am-1pm
or Sunday, August 20, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
Take a trip to Candyland with your youngster,
where everyone will be a winner. You and your
child will make delicious confections under the
tutelage of Chef Jenny McCoy, author of
"Desserts for Every Season." On the menu:
Lollipops; Chewy Caramels; Chocolate Peanut
Butter Cups; Chocolate Bark; and Marshmallows.

Pizza! Pizza! A Class
for Parents & Kids ages 9 & up
Saturday, May 20, 6-9pm
or Saturday, June 3, 6-9pm
or Saturday, July 22, 6-9pm
or Saturday, July 30, 10am-1pm
or Saturday, August 12, 6-9pm
or Sunday, October 7, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
In this fun-focused class, kids and their parents
will spend a morning or evening making, and
then eating, all kinds of pizza. You'll work
together to make pizza dough and tomato sauce;
then you'll use various toppings to construct and
bake: White Pizza; Cheese Pizza; Vegetable Pizza;
Sausage Pizza; Spinach and Cheese Stromboli; and
Nutella & Banana Pizza.

James Distefano
Saturday, June 3, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
Pastry Chef James Distefano, is a master of
healthful ingredient replacements that make
desserts taste as good or often better than the
original! So you won't be missing the gluten or
nuts in these sweet treats. You and your child will
work together to make a dessert buffet of:
Chocolate-Chip Cookies; Oatmeal Raisin Cookies;
Rainbow Sprinkle Cake; Fudgy Chocolate Chip
Brownies; and Peppermint Bark Brownies. Please
note that ICE is not a gluten-free facility.

Mini Hand Pies for Parents
& Kids ages 8 & up
Jenny McCoy
Sunday, July 16, 2-5pm
$95 F 1 session
These hand pies are simple enough for anyone to
learn, but tasty enough to be the hit of any party!
Skilled Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy teaches you to
make homemade pie dough, then fill these mini
hand pies with a variety of homemade sweet and
savory fillings-in lots of fun shapes! We'll make
hand pies in flavors including: CherryCheesecake; Apple and Cheddar; Nutella-Banana;
Blueberry; Chocolate-Raspberry; and Spinach and

Kids' Kitchen Lab for Parents
& Kids ages 6 & up
Brooke Parkhurst
Saturday, July 22, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
Being a chef means being a food scientist! And
the kitchen happens to be the most delicious
science lab of all. Put the kids' lab coats on and
join Brooke Parkhurst for an afternoon of
yummy experiments. Brooke will guide your kids
through a series of delicious dishes-and the
scientific principles that go with each. We'll
cover: Fizzy Lemonade (basic chemical reactions);
Margherita Pizza (microorganisms); Hot
Chocolate & Whipped Cream (protein reactions);
Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies (more
reactions); and Fresh Fruit and Salad (the science
of taste).

Little Italy for Little Ones,
for Parents & Kids ages 6 & up
Brooke Parkhurst
Sunday, July 23, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
Join Brooke Parkhurst as she cooks up a Little
Italy-inspired feast with you and your child. In
this fun-focused class that's hands-on from start
to finish, you'll snack on Italian meats, cheeses,
and homemade focaccia while learning to roll
out the perfect Little Italy-style Homemade Beef
Meatballs, as well as Quick-and-Easy Marinara;
Mulberry Street Chopped Salad with Creamy
Italian Dressing; and Classic Tiramisu.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
for Parents & Kids ages 6 & up
Sarah Chaminade
Saturday, July 29, 2-5pm
or Sunday, August 27, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
In this fun and interactive class, parent and child

will follow along to make delightful themed
recipes together, then enjoy eating the completed
dishes-and listening to the story at the end!
This class, celebrating "Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory," is not for the chocolate faint
of heart! We'll honor Willy Wonka himself by
preparing everything chocolate, which both
parents and kids will enjoy. We'll make: HandRolled Truffles; Chocolate Bark; ChocolateCovered Popcorn; and Chocolate Clusters.

Summer Picnic Basket
for Parent & Child ages 8 & up
Annmarie Loffredo
Sunday, July 30, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
The best thing about a picnic is that you can
combine the best of summer's delights-all in
one delicious basket. Annmarie Loffredo knows
her way around a summer meal, so she'll guide
you in assembling a totally original basket
consisting of: Tea Sandwiches Two Ways
(Homemade Peanut Butter & Jelly; BLT with
Homemade Mayonnaise); Chicken Salad Lettuce
Wraps; Spinach Salad with Strawberry, Basil, Goat
Cheese, and Creamy Balsamic Dressing;
Cornbread Mini Muffins; Banana and Granola
Mini Muffins; Snickerdoodle Cookies; and Lemon
Ricotta Cookies.

Steakhouse Classics
for ages 13-18
Saturday, May 6, 6-9pm
or Friday, July 28, 10am-1pm
or Saturday, September 30, 6-9pm
$95 F 1 session
Steakhouses become institutions for their
comforting, rich, and filling dishes. Just like one
of our most popular classes for adults (The Great
New York Steakhouse), this class teaches teens
to make a classic meal that's fit for a king. Your
delicious menu consists of trademark cuisine
that has been pleasing diners for decades,
featuring: Grilled Sirloin Steak; Mac and Cheese;
Carrots with Brown Butter; Green Salad with Herb
Vinaigrette; and a Hot Fudge Sundae Bar.

Sushi for ages 11-17
Sunday, June 18, 10am-1pm
Thursday, July 6, 10am-1pm
or Saturday, August 19, 6-9pm
or Saturday, October 7, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
Kids will have a blast while learning the creative
art of making fresh, healthful suhi. First they'll
learn the secrets to perfect sushi rice. Then they'll
roll up their sleeves to roll every sort of Sushi
Maki Roll, including California Roll; Philadelphia
Roll; Spicy Tuna Roll; and more.

Mexican Fiesta
for Teens ages 14-17
Sandy Murzin
Saturday, July 8, 10am-2pm
Join Chef Sandy Murzin in a class for teens who
love to cook! We'll make a full meal using
homemade corn tortillas, fresh tortilla chips, and
much more. Our classic Mexican menu includes:
Guacamole and Fresh Tortilla Chips; Black Beans

and Mexican Rice with Roasted Tomato Salsa;
Chicken Tinga Tacos; Fish Tacos; and Flan; all
washed down with a refreshing Watermelon Agua

A Bowl of Ramen
for ages 14 & up
Sandy Murzin
Sunday, July 9, 10am-2:30pm
$95 F 1 session
Nothing is more comforting than slurping up a
large bowl of flavorful ramen, and nothing is
more impressive than making it yourself! Join
Chef Sandy Murzin for an in-depth discovery of
traditional Japanese ramen. We will make
everything from scratch, from the long-cooked
and viscous broth to the chewy noodles,
just-cooked egg, and tender thin slices of roast
pork. This is no instant ramen-this is the real

All-Chocolate Desserts
for Teens 13-17
Melanie Underwood
Wednesday, July 26, 10am-1pm
$95 F 1 session
Your teen will gain a new understanding of
chocolate in all its glory, by learning how to use
it in baked goods, puddings, cheesecakes, and
much more! Chef Melanie Underwood will lead
burgeoning young chefs as they whip up a
dessert menu that they can both taste and take
home, including: Brownie Cheesecake Bites;
Chocolate-Chip Cookie Bars; Triple Chocolate
Fudge Cookies; Chocolate Mousse; Chocolate and
Banana Pudding; and Chocolate and Caramel

Cake-Decorating Techniques
for ages 12 & up
Faith Drobbin
Monday, July 31, 1-5pm
$95 F 1 session
Pastry & Baking Arts Chef Faith Drobbin is a
master cake decorator who's run her own bakery
and provided cakes to some of New York's most
renowned restaurants. In this class, she'll teach
your child the fundamentals as well as some
more advanced cake-decorating techniques.
We'll cover: making white chocolate modeling
clay; making and piping borders with swiss
meringue buttercream; uses for rolled fondant;
dipping strawberries in chocolate; the use of
cocoa-butter transfer sheets, and more!

Confections for ages 10 & up
Sarah Chaminade
Thursday, August 3, 2-5pm
$95 F 1 session
In this candy-making class,
designed especially for kids by
ICE Chef Sarah Chaminade,
you'll learn how to impress
your friends and family with
homemade treats. Under the
helpful instruction of this
experienced confectionary
chef, complicated techniques
turn simple, and simple sugar
turns into beautiful goodies that you can try in
class and then take home! You'll make your own
Candy Bars; Hand-Rolled Truffles; Marshmallows;
and much more.

Cooking Camp for ages 10-17

Baking Camp for ages 10-17

Mon-Fri, July 10-14, 10am-1pm
or Mon-Fri, July 24-28, 10am-1pm
or Mon-Fri, August 7-11, 10am-1pm
or Mon-Fri, August 21-25, 10am-1pm
or Saturdays, September 9-October 14, 10am-1pm
$650 F 5 sessions
In this five-day food camp just for kids ages 1017, you'll acquire all the cooking techniques, knife
skills, and ingredient preparation expertise
needed to make your own complete, gourmet
meals.Day 1: Knife Skills and Roasting. You'll
make: Classic Roasted Chicken; Sauteed Green
Beans; Mashed Potatoes; and Strawberry
Shortcakes. Day 2: Sauteing. You'll make: Steak
with Herb Butter; Salad; Mac and Cheese; Carrots
with Brown Butter; and Hot Fudge Sundae. Day 3:
Handmade pasta. You'll make: Fettuccini with
Fresh Tomato Sauce; Cheese Ravioli with Sage
Brown Butter Sauce; Chocolate Chip Biscotti; and
Garlic Bread. Day 4: Sushi. You'll make: Sushi Rice
& Maki Rolls; Edamame; Scallion Pancakes; Beef
and Broccoli; Salad with Ginger Dressing; and
Green Tea Ice Cream. Day 5: Pizza Day! We'll learn
all the skills of dough handling, topping, and
baking. You'll make: White Pizza; Cheese Pizza;
Calzone; and Nutella & Banana Pizza.

Mon-Fri, July 10-14, 2-5pm
or Mon-Fri, July 24-28, 2-5pm
or Mon-Fri, August 7-11, 2-5pm
or Saturdays, August 12-September 16, 2-5pm
or Saturdays, September 9 - October 14, 2-5pm
or Mon-Fri, August 21-25, 2-5pm
$650 F 5 sessions
This five-day baking camp is perfect for 10- to 17year-olds interested in becoming outstanding
pastry, dessert, sweets, and bread bakers! From
homemade ice cream to buttermilk biscuits,
pudding to cupcakes, you'll learn all the classics,
building on your advancements each day to build
an impressive body of baking and dessert knowledge by the end of the week. Day 1: Cookies, Bars
& Ice Cream. You'll make: Double ChocolateCherry Cookies; Snickerdoodles; Brownies;
Cheesecake Bars; and Homemade Ice Cream. Day
2: Breakfast Pastries. You'll make: Blueberry
Muffins; Raspberry-Almond Scones; Easy Apple
Turnovers; and Homemade Granola. Day 3:
Breads. You'll make: Focaccia; Buttermilk Biscuits;
Cornbread; and Honey-Whole Wheat Sandwich
Bread. Day 4: Fruit Desserts. You'll make: Apple
Oatmeal Crisp; Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread
Pudding; and Chocolate-Raspberry Pudding Parfaits. Day 5: Cakes. You'll make: Molten Chocolate
Cakes; Yellow Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting; and
Confetti Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.

Advanced Teen Cooking Camp
for ages 13-17
James Briscione
Wed-Thu, July 19-20, 1-5pm
$275 F 2 sessions
Learn an impressive array of modern cooking
techniques with an expert in the newest kitchen
appliances and methods-two-time "Chopped"
Champion James Briscione. He'll teach the
basics of sous vide cooking as you prepare
chicken, steak, pork, eggs, vegetables, and even
a sous vide dessert. You'll also discover how
hydrocolloids-simple modern ingredients-can
transform flavors and textures in the kitchen, as
you explore spherification, foams, and gels.

Asian Cooking Camp
for ages 10-17
Tue-Thu, August 15-17, 10am-1pm
$360 F 3 sessions
This three-day cooking camp is ideal for 10- to
17-year-olds eager to develop their skills in
Japanese, Thai, and Chinese culinary techniques.
We'll cook our way through a wide range of Asian
cuisine as you become familiar with rolling sushi,
assembling spring rolls, creating dipping sauces,
steaming dumplings, stir-frying, deep-frying,
and much more! Day 1: Japanese. You'll make:
Sushi Rice; Edamame; Maki Sushi; Shrimp

Shumai; Ramen. Day 2: Thai. You'll make: Thai
Spring Rolls and Dipping Sauces; Yellow Chicken
Curry; Pad Thai; Pineapple Fried Rice; and DeepFried Bananas. Day 3: Chinese. You'll make: Fried
Dumplings with Ginger-Soy Dipping Sauce;
Scallion Pancakes; Hot & Sour Soup; Vegetable Lo
Mein; and Beef and Broccoli.

Italian & Indian Cooking Camp
for ages 11-16
Sue Gonsalves
Sat-Sun, August 19-20, 10am-1pm
$240 F 2 sessions
In this two-day food camp just for kids ages 1116, they'll become experts in two different
cuisines, covering a cornucopia of useful-for-life
cooking techniques, knife skills, and ingredient
expertise. By the end of the weekend, they'll
know their way around a kitchen, while building
an impressive knowledge of international
cooking! Day 1: Indian. Samosas with MintCilantro Chutney; Chicken Biryani; Tadka; Dal;
Parathas; and Mango Lassi. Day 2: Italian. Ricotta
Gnocchi; Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo; Pecorino
Risotto with Green Peas and Lemon; Tri-Color
Salad; Sautéed Spinach with Pine Nuts and
Parmesan Cheese; and Strawberry-Lemon

For more information, call 888.961.CHEF

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