IEEE Awards Booklet - 2018 - 32

ieee fellows class of 2018

Tao Li
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL, Usa
for contributions to sustainable and powerefficient computer architectures

Yilong Lu
Nanyang Tech University
singapore, singapore
for contributions to array antenna techniques in
radar systems

Deepankar Medhi
University of Missouri-kansas City
kansas City, Mo, Usa
for contributions to optimization and the design
of computer-communication networks

Zhuo Li
Cadence design systems, Inc.
austin, TX, Usa
for contributions to physical synthesis and
modeling of integrated circuits

John Luginsland
air Force office of scientific research
arlington, Va, Usa
for contributions to space-charge limited flow
physics, coherent radiation sources, and
computational plasma physics

Russell Meier
Milwaukee school of Engineering
Milwaukee, wI, Usa
for contributions to global on-line engineering

Ben Liang
University of Toronto
Toronto, oN, Canada
for contributions to mobility modeling and
resource management in wireless networks
Jiao Li-cheng
Xidian University
Xian, China
for contributions to artificial neural networks and
evolutionary computation
Chia-Wen Lin
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan
for contributions to multimedia coding and
Wei Lin
Case western reserve University
Cleveland, oH, Usa
for contributions to nonlinear control systems
Zhouchen Lin
Peking University
beijing, China
for contributions to low-rank data modeling and
image processing
Giuseppe Lipari
University of Lille
Lille, France
for contributions to reservation-based real-time
Chee Wee Liu
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
for contributions to high-mobility germanium and
silicon-germanium MosFETs
Jie Liu
Microsoft research
redmond, wa, Usa
for contributions to wireless sensing
Ming Liu
Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese academy
of sciences
beijing, China
for contributions to the development of resistive
non-volatile memories
Shengyi Liu
The boeing Company
seattle, wa, Usa
for application of multifunctional power
conversion and power source integration to
Guo-Quan Lu
Virginia Tech
blacksburg, Va, Usa
for development of materials and packaging
technologies for power electronics modules
Jie Lu
University of Technology sydney
sydney, Nsw, australia
for contributions to fuzzy machine learning and
decision support systems
Wei Lu
University of Michigan
ann arbor, MI, Usa
for contributions to development of
neuromorphic systems

Richard Lukaszewski
rockwell automation
Mequon, wI, Usa
for contributions to the application of power
electronic devices for variable frequency drives
Xiaobing Luo
Huazhong University of science & Technology
wuhan, China
for contributions to packaging of optoelectronic
Shugen Ma
ritsumeikan University
kusatsu-shi, Japan
for contributions to the design and control of
environment-adaptive robots
Zhenqiang Ma
University of wisconsin-Madison
Madison, wI, Usa
for contributions to flexible and biodegradable
microwave electronics
Udaya Madawala
University of auckland
auckland, New Zealand
for contributions to power electronics for bidirectional wireless power transfer
Guoqiang Mao
University of Technology sydney
sydney, Nsw, australia
for contributions to localization algorithms for
wireless networks
Vladimir Marik
Czech Institute of Informatics
Prague, Czech republic
for leadership in industrial applications of
Sonia Martinez
Univerity of California-san diego
La Jolla, Ca, Usa
for contributions to the geometric mechanics
and control
Saverio Mascolo
Politecnico di bari
bari, Italy
for contributions to modeling and control of
congestion in packet networks
Andrea Massa
University of Trento
Trento, Italy
for contributions to phased arrays and
electromagnetic inverse scattering
Sanu Mathew
Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, or, Usa
for leadership in computer arithmetic datapath
and security circuits
Earl Mc Cune
rF Communications Consulting
santa Clara, Ca, Usa
for leadership in polar modulation circuits and
Paul Meaney
Thayer school of Engineering at dartmouth
Hanover, NH, Usa
for contributions to microwave tomography and
its translation to clinical use

32 | 2018 IEEE awards bookLET

Tommaso Melodia
Northeastern University
boston, Ma, Usa
for contributions to underwater acoustic and
multimedia networks
Abraham Mendelson
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
for contributions to power-aware architecture
and value prediction for program execution
Olgica Milenkovic
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL, Usa
for contributions to genomic data compression
Jelena Misic
ryerson University
Toronto, oN, Canada
for contributions to modeling and performance
evaluation in wireless communications
Andrea Montanari
stanford University
stanford, Ca, Usa
for applications of statistical physics to coding
Mehul Motani
National University of singapore
singapore, singapore
for contributions to wireless communications and
sensor networks
Hideki Motoyama
Central research Institute of Electric Power
Industry Corporation
Yokosuka, Japan
for contributions to lightning protection and
insulation coordination of electric power systems
Saibal Mukhopadhyay
Georgia Institue of Technology
atlanta, Ga, Usa
for contributions to energy-efficient and robust
computing systems design
Chandra Nair
Chinese University of Hong kong
shatin NT, Hong kong
for contributions to network information theory
Girish Nair
University of Melbourne
Victoria, australia
for contributions to control and information in
networked dynamical systems
Hans Peter Nee
kTH royal Institute of Technology
stockholm, sweden
for contributions to silicon carbide power
electronics and modular multilevel converters
Silviu-Iulian Niculescu
Centre National de la recherche scientifique
Paris, France
for research on the effects of delays in system
Konstantina Nikita
National Technical University of athens
athens, Greece
for contributions to bioelectromagnetics and
implantable antennas for medical applications


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