Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/February 2011 - (Page 26)

by bronwyn donohue Two Weeks at The scent of fish and brine fills my nose. The only sounds I hear are the waves crashing against my kayak, my heart beating, and a whale spouting somewhere in the distance. Thick fog hugs the kayak, creating the illusion that it is alone, that I am alone. But it is just that, an illusion. A school of fish turns suddenly beneath me, as if they share the same brain or can read each other’s thoughts. A razorbill sits on the water’s surface, oblivious to the harsh wind and bossy waves that toss him back and forth in their game of catch. An osprey circles above, its keen eye searching, waiting for the sun to glance off a telltale scale, alerting him that dinner is waiting. I know that these birds can see three to five times better than a human, and I imagine how spectacular the ocean must look from his eyes. 26 imagine Jan/feb 2011

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/February 2011

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/february 2011
Big Picture
In My Own Words
Becoming Environmentally Eloquent
Bacteria vs. Polystyrene: Getting the Toxins Out
Feat of Clay
What Lies Beneath
Clean & Green?
Ocean Embrace
Selected Opportunities & Resources
Making the Most of Public School
Word Wise
One Step Ahead
Exploring Career Options
Off the Shelf
Planning Ahead for College
Students Review
Creative Minds Imagine
Mark Your Calendar
Knossos Games

Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/February 2011